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What are the Children of Naná Burukú like? The mighty Orisha Elder

Children of Naná Burukú

Naná Burukú is a major Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon, she is known as an old Orisha of immense powers, since the Arára origin cult considers her as the Mother of Babalú Ayé or San Lázaro, or even one of its paths.

Its name comes from the Yorùbá Nanà Burukú (Naná: great mother or grandmother - Burukú: evil), meaning that unites it to the power of evil, ancestral powers and the wisdom of an old woman.

They say that Naná Burukú is prior to the arrival of Oduduwa and very powerful, so we must consider our wishes when invoking it.

It is mysterious and terrible, guardian of the door between life and death, the one that watches over the transition to after death.

Live in the form of meajá, in rivers, springs and cañaHe is brave and in his cult he can be invoked directly in springs, lagoons, pools and the mouths of rivers.

Naná Burukú is also the Orisha who represents drizzle and mud in nature. It is the Mother of the Sweet Waters, but also of the muddy waters of the swamps and the Patakíes say that it has feminine and masculine characteristics.

Naná is associated with both the beginning and the end and thus gives strength to the individual's head. It is said that their food is the spirit of beings.

Grandma Naná's children and their characteristics

The children of Naná Burukú possess the great wisdom of the old Orisha and therefore they think well and make correct decisions.

Her Omo (children) are aware of the respect due to Naná Burukú as one of the oldest and most powerful Orishas. That is why it is extremely important for them to respect her and never make her angry.

It is said that many of Naná's children possess divinatory gifts and powers that make them stand out in their respective communities, thanks to the fact that they inherit knowledge from their mother Orisha.

Some of the qualities that distinguish the Omo Naná Burukú:

As we explained before, the Omo Naná Burukú know the respect due to this Orisha as a powerful Elder and guardian between life and death, so they always act calmly, with dignity and benevolence towards others.

They are very balanced and, although their decisions take a long time because they think the implications well, they are always oriented to wisdom and justice.

The Omo Naná Burukú are characterized by their adoration of children and tend to treat them with the indulgence of their grandparents.

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