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What characteristics define the Children of Obatalá? 10 qualities

Sons of Obatalá characteristics

Obatalá is an Osha in Santeria, a set of religious systems that fuse Catholic beliefs with traditional Yoruba culture.

It is an African deity that also belongs to the group of the head Oshas, ​​that is, they are crowned when a person consecrates himself (to become a saint).

Obatalá is not only at the head of the orishas, ​​but he is the greatest deity, the father, the one who rules over all the other heads on Earth.

He is an orisha who was transformed into a divinity for his faults, while he existed in life he was the king of the Igbo.

The story goes that Obatala accompanied the Supreme Creator when he came down to Earth to see everything he had done and entrusted him with the task of molding the bodies of men in clay, which Olofin infused with the breath of life.

  • In Latin America and the Caribbean, devotees celebrate the Obatalá festivities on September 24 due to their syncretism with the Virgen de las Mercedes.  

What are the Children of Obatalá like? The meaning of wearing Baba's crown

Being able to identify with Obatala should be a source of joy for each religious because this Orisha is very powerful, he is the sculptor of the human being and can change our fortune for the better.

When in the Santeria or Rule of Osha, they refer to being the son of an Orisha, it means that this deity has chosen to be the guide in the life of the religious.

So when the person is consecrated or "made holy" to his head goes the crown, that is, the protection of that Yoruba deity.

10 of the qualities of the daughters of Obatala:

  1. People who have Obatala as their guardian angel or tutelary Orisha are very intelligent, analytical and have a balanced judgment, so they tend to be stubborn.
  2. The omo Obatalá are strong-willed, which is why they are sometimes considered stubborn people.
  3. They are usually dedicated to intellectual work, so they can be writers or artists.
  4. They do not usually regret the decisions they make due to their tenacity.
  5. As Obatalá is the ruler of the heads and the master of thought, one of the main characteristics of the children of Obatala is precisely their great intelligence.
  6. The children of Obatalá possess a refined paternal or maternal instinct and their tenacity makes them sometimes considered stubborn people.
  7. In this sense, the children of Obatalá can be a bit shaky in love, since their home can be broken by lack of communication when an upset arises.
  8. Family is the basis of everything and "take care of what our father has given us" It is the motto of the children of Obatala in love.
  9. Generally, the characteristics of Obatalá's children center on their reserved personality.
  10. They are humble, prudent, very respectful people and of great moral rectitude.

Some tips for the Omo Obatala:

When the devotee of Obatalá becomes disharmonized, or ignores its taboos (prohibitions) and does not fulfill the requirements that are demanded of him for his salvation, they are afflicted with problems of alcoholism and physical deterioration.

If you follow his advice from respect and humility, Obatalá will be generous with his gifts and will grant you great prosperity, health and luck in love.

It is important that your children are not arrogant and that they do not sin due to lack of humility, this will lead them to be great beings in this world.

Remember, Obatalá is represented by the color white and he likes dark places, so you have to place the altar of this deity with a cloth to keep it away from the light.

Below we leave some offerings in his name.

Learn about the offerings that as a son and devotee of Obatalá you can give him:

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