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Characteristics of the Children of Oshún ≫ The Queen of Rivers and Sunflowers

Children of Oshún

Descendants of the deity of honey bees They are named Omo Oshún, which translates in Yoruba as sons of Oshun.

These have great appearance and bearing, highlighting among their qualities physical beauty and kindness.

Sympathy is one of the virtues that makes them unmistakable, they are people with very good luck and a friendly character.

What are the descendants of Oshún like?

Characteristics of the Children of Oshún

Among its characteristics are the presence of moles on the body, which generally predominate on the face.

They are lovers of order and luxury, they feel a great attachment to gold, the sacred metal of their mother the Orisha who owns sunflowers.

The representative yellow color of Yalodde enhances their beauty, under the coat of this same color they get rid of difficulties doing ebbó.

The children of Oshún must respect the rivers and the pumpkin because they are both sacred to the saint of womanhood. This deity is pleased with moderation, which is why he requires his descendants to be respectful and humble people.

Fine fragrances are one of their vices, they are considered vain, although it should be noted that they are people with great hearts, not at all selfish, they are able to share all the goods they own, without expecting any retribution corresponding to their actions.

Myths about the descendants of the most beautiful deity of the Yoruba Pantheon.

There is a belief that Oshún favors her male children over the female ones, to whom she provides greater iré.

In the same way, the myth is established that the children of Oshún should not establish relationships with the descendants of Kawó Silé, since it is presumed that these unions will not last.

Do you know what are the sacred ingredients of the children of Oshún?

Honey and cinnamon are their two sacred elements, with these they obtain what they need through the practice of spells, cleaning and ritual baths where these ingredients are the star elements.

The Buttercup is the Ewe of financial development for these religious.

Buttercup for the sons of Oshún

When a son of Oshún wishes to obtain financial development, he prepares an omiero based on buttercup.

For this he fills a container with common water and introduces the leaves of the herb, which he disintegrates with his accompanying hands.añandondo said action of prayers and positive requests, later añaof honey and cinnamon and finally strain the preparation.

This magical liquid should be used in baths for five consecutive days, it will always be applied mixed with plain water respecting the head, applying it on the face and from the chin down to the rest of the body.

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