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How are the children of Oyá? Characteristics of the Omo Yansa

Son of Oyá

Oyá In the Yoruba pantheon she is the sovereign of the winds and the whirlpool, which is given the title of Yansa or "Mother of the Nine", since it is she who governs Eggun and is the mother of 9 spirits.

It is the favorite of Monkey, the owner of the cemetery and the spiritual secrets of death. Its winds help to sustain life after the waters of the river of Oshun and the sea of Yemaya they have given life.

the winds of Oyá They also carry the pollen of different plants from one place to another, it is she that gives us the air we breathe, provides the air with the correct amount of oxygen to keep us alive.

She is a warrior, reckless, possessive, indomitable, extremely faithful ... she is the queen of the Centella.

Oyá, is also the impulsiveness, the whirlpool, the barrage or devastating windsock. It can be violent and hurtful and goes with Obba and Yewá, the dead women, taking care of the cemetery and their souls.

Characteristics of the children of Oyá: the Sparkle Queen

The son of Oyá They possess goddess-like qualities, they can have an indomitable spirit and a creative soul, but they can lose all logical sense when it comes to love.

They are generous and confident and know the value of a true friendship, because as OyáThey pay great attention to fidelity.

The Omo Oyá They protect those who are important to them and defend those they love with determination and efficiency.

In Santeria or Osha Rule, the religious crowned with Oyá They are recognized for their strength, but at the same time they are affectionate, because they are strong and brave, but also loving and creative.

They do not tolerate betrayal, because that for them ends any type of relationship, whether in love, relationships with friends or family.

The Omo Oyá Possess the determination of a strong wind

The son of Oyá They are also reserved and quite composed people, but if they get angry they can unleash a character and fury as strong as the winds of a hurricane.

Like the wind that their mother represents, they love freedom and hate confinement.

They cannot stand routine and monotony and instead adore challenges and fun.

The sons of Oyá Yansa in love:

In love, their offspring They are usually extremely faithful and very jealous of their partners. In this area, they are very temperamental and do not admit betrayal, especially females. daughters of Oyá, that they expect from their love, the same loyalty that they give.

They are also capricious and vain, but sensual, intelligent and reckless like their mother, so they enchant the people around them.

The Omo Oyá They are generally curious and observant by nature, and just as honest with those around them, they will always speak their minds without fear.

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Some of the offerings that we can offer to the warrior Oyá:

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