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10 Characteristics that define the Children of Shango, the Orisha of the Lightning

Sons of Shango characteristics

The sons and daughters of Kawo Sile They stand out among all the religious, their strong temperament and their low possession of fear make them worthy of proudly wearing the adjective of brave men and women.

What are the children of Kawó Silé like?

Sons of Shango and their characteristics

Leaders by nature

These human beings have great leadership skills, so it is common to observe them performing tasks related to these characteristics.

They are intelligent and eloquent people who tend to know how to project themselves before crowds, leading them to conviction through their explanations and arguments, which they always present with seriousness and respect.

Fun and enthusiastic

The descendants of Shangó love celebrations, dance and music, disciplines in which they excel, because the joy of being alive and being able to enjoy one more day, makes them take life very seriously, concentrating on being happy, which in the long run is what is worth the most.

Elegance lovers

These are neat and like to dress well, they love to always be elegant and perfumed, because they feel that good appearance is one of the keys capable of opening the doors to prosperity and success.

They seek perfection to achieve success

Whenever a son of Kawó Silé is assigned to carry out a task, he will execute it with great meticulousness, since they are extremely perfectionist human beings, to such an extent that they feel relieved when they finish their homework, and it is common to hear from their mouths the exclamation: “ Everything turned out the way I wanted.

good friends

They are men and women who love the good life and jewelry, great friends, who are often capable of sacrificing their own assets and time in order to help others.

They fail to be impulsive

Like all human beings, they also have defects, among which we can mention their great impulsiveness, which in the vast majority of cases leads them to make mistakes that could have been avoided.

Courageous who face situations

When a son of Kawó Silé makes a mistake, he is not afraid to admit it, he decides to take conduct and absolute responsibility for his actions, always facing the problems that may arise as a result of his decisions.

Savvy for business

These lucky humans have great facilities for conducting business, in which they are very often winners, financial iré is a quality and blessing that accompanies them.aña throughout his earthly existence.

Focused on your goals

The sons of Shango They are special people, who lack selfishness or envy, they stay focused on achieving their goals, dreams in which they dedicate time and effort until they bear fruit.

Triumph accompanied themaña

If I had to define them with one word, it would undoubtedly be with the adjective winners.

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