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The Children of Yemayá and their 3 virtues that become defects

Sons of Yemayá

It is always difficult to talk about defects, because hardly anyone comments on negative things and when these arise, many prefer to turn their heads away so as not to see what is happening.

The three characteristics that become defects in Yemayá's children

The sons and daughters of the Orisha Yemayá Like the rest of human beings, they have virtues and defects.

One could not speak with certainty of each of these characteristics, but roughly we have found common points in all the descendants of the Orisha owner of salt water. 

1. Yemayá's children behave like the fathers and mothers of humanity

Yemayá's children usually act according to one of the great functions of their mother, behaving like the fathers and mothers of humanity.

It is common for these to go around the world willingly assuming responsibilities that do not correspond to them, because deep down the great virtue of helping others becomes their greatest defect, because they come to sacrifice themselves to an extraordinary extent to provide services. and share what they have with others.

Situation that in most cases exhausts them physically, spiritually and financially, ending at the end of the day worn out and disappointed in humanity.

2. Yemayá's descendants end up revealing secrets without having bad intentions

Yemayá's children often talk more than necessary, since their curious and talkative nature makes them surprisingly communicative, even ending up revealing secrets, although this action does not involve bad intentions.

A son of the Orisha who owns the world:

  • He has an air of grandeur
  • he thinks he is invincible and
  • he is always the first to step forward to face adversity.

Sometimes they forget that they are human and try to wage all wars, including those that do not belong to them.

3. A son of Yemayá does not admit injustices and therefore becomes a judge

A son of Yemayá does not admit injustices and therefore tends to judge those who commit them forgetting that this function only corresponds to God.

  • If you want to take the party in peace with a religious born from the tureen of salt water, try not to contradict him, because they do not tolerate this type of situation.

The strong character possessed by the descendants of Yemayá makes them create a shield that they use as a facade before the world, since they will not give their hearts to just anyone.

After receiving a bad deed they are inflamed and turbulent like the sea, but with the passage of time they tend to forgive what happened and in the best of cases forget it, because among their defects is the lack of memory.

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