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Of the 3 children of the Oba, only one followed Orula's word and was saved

Children of the Oba and Orula

The pataki relates that after the death of the Oba Olukan, his first-born son had to succeed him on the throne, a fact that brought great commotion among the monarch's servants as several of his subjects aspired to possess his crown and his fortune.

Pataki of the three children of the Oba who went to consult with Orula

The eldest son of the Oba decided to follow in his father's footsteps and occupy the throne that rightfully belonged to him.

Before the coronation took place he went to visit orunmila for it to register.

This marked the realization of an ebbó with all the wealth that his father had inherited, to which he flatly refused.

After a few days the coronation that officially proclaimed him king was carried out, but unfortunately luck did not accompany him and three weeks after being crowned he inexplicably died.

Then the second son of the Oba had to occupy the throne, this also visited Orula before being crowned leaving the same sign as his brother.

Like the first-born of the family, he refused to perform the ebbó with all his father's fortune and days after being crowned he died.

The soothsayer Orula reveals where the curse of the crown was found

The third and last brother was expectant in such situations and seeing how fate had treated his brothers, he had the doubt whether or not he wanted to be king.

After much pressure from the members of the court, he agreed to be crowned, not without first consulting the great Ifá oracle with his doubts.

Orula marked the third son the realization of the same ebbó as his predecessors and this brother, seeing what happened previously, agreed.

He then explained to the future king that:

The curse that had taken the lives of his brothers was not found in the crown but in the hands that placed it, so he should not let anyone put his attributes on him, but should place them himself if he wanted to preserve his life.

At the moment of the coronation the son of the Oba took the crown before anyone else did, placing it on his head with his own hands as Orula had advised.

He had a long and happy reign, full of prosperity and wealth.

Blessings with which he brought his people forward and made it commercially expand into the markets of other neighboring kingdoms.

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