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Qualities of the Sons and Daughters of Oshun in different situations

Sons and daughters of Oshun

In the Osha-Ifa Rule Many times we listen to religious talk about the characteristics of the children of the Orishas, ​​most reaching similar conclusions, for example, that if the sons and daughters of Oshun are all the same, but Is it really so?

Analyzing the specific case of the children of Oshún, according to my experience, many of the religious who have her crowned as mother, mark the identity of Iyalodde (Oshún), thus sharing qualities in common with the goddess, but this does not mean that they look alike in everything.

In particular, the children of Oshún have a unique brightness that makes them stand out, a special personality with a certain prominence, the same that Oshún reached in his passage through the earth, knowing these characteristics of his deity through the patakies or legends of mythology. yoruba

En the Yoruba Pantheon Oshún is a sensual, beautiful, charismatic, loving, righteous, warrior, smiling Orisha, but also when she is challenged and disrespected, she is capable of laughingly killing her enemies and even her children when the fault is serious.

6 Characteristics of religious crowned Oshun in various aspects of life

We must take into account that many of these behaviors and qualities are deepened in their descendants after they have been crowned Kariosha (become a saint) and Oshun is their tutelary Orisha.

In this article the qualities are shared for sons and daughters alike.

1. Daughters of Oshun as Mothers

  • They are strong, stubborn and persistent.
  • They go out of their way to follow their children in all the moments of their lives.
  • They help their children achieve their goals against all odds.
  • In the education of their children they usually participate actively.
  • Her children are hers and no one else's.
  • If they are raised without a father figure, they make great sacrifices to get ahead.
  • They care a lot about the appearance of their children: how they dress and their aesthetics.
  • Attentive to criticism of the personal appearance of their children.
  • They are excellent mothers and overprotective.

2. Sons and daughters of Oshun in the family aspect

  • They are good children.
  • Their mother or grandmother are very important in their lives.
  • They are addicted to receiving pampering, flattery, advice, although sometimes they ignore them.
  • Very empathic with the entire family nucleus.
  • They have a very strong character, so they want to lead the family.
  • They want to always be taken into account in family decisions.
  • They need to feel pampered by their parents.
  • Very attached to their mothers, even though they have their own family.

3. His personality by nature

  • They are very sensitive people.
  • They are usually curious and observant.
  • In his character, being possessive and very jealous stands out.
  • Before life they are cheerful and talkative.
  • They spill a lot of sensuality by their own nature and this leads many to make a mistake and judge them without knowing them with wrong criteria regarding their reputation.
  • Wherever they arrive, they receive stares because they attract a lot of attention and their appearance has nothing to do with them, whether they are ugly or pretty, young or mature, they manage to be the center.
  • When they have money they go from one extreme to another: some waste and others prevent.

4. Tastes and preferences in life

  • They don't really like to do physical activities.
  • They are attracted to the fragrances of perfumes and if they are sweet smells much more.
  • They like fashion and elegance when dressing.
  • They enjoy good music and the good life.
  • They like good food, often to the point of being gluttonous.
  • They prefer to enjoy love to the full, even in an exaggerated way until it disgusts them.
  • They like to attract attention at any cost, even they are often arrogant.

5. Oshun's descendants in society

  • Almost always without knowing them at all, they are unfriendly at first, although later it turns into admiration.
  • They give too much importance to what is said about them, so the opinion of others is important to them even if they deny it.
  • They are friends of praise and flattery about their person.
  • They are capricious, so they like to implant their opinion.
  • He likes children very much and usually interacts very well with them.
  • They are generous with all who need them.
  • They like to climb socially, which is why they are entrepreneurs in their jobs.
  • As bosses they are usually very authoritarian and strict.

6. The children of Oshun as religious

  • They like religious work and comply with respect.
  • They are well disposed and industrious in the ceremonies of the Rule of Osha-Ifá.
  • Many with particular ease dominate the divinatory oracles typical of religion.
  • They are usually good spiritists and card readers.
  • If they dedicate themselves to religion they come to have Ilé Osha (house) with many godchildren.
  • As godmothers they are rigorous and do not allow faults.
  • They like to be heard and follow the rules.
  • They are transparent in their ideas and opinions about something or someone
  • They do not like ingratitude, forgetfulness and contempt from anyone, least of all from their holy family.
  • They are usually the object of envy and comments when they manage to stand out within their Osha houses.

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