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Scientific Spiritism in Cuba: The Story of Asunción, Santera and Practitioner

History of Asuncion

The presence on the earthly plane of ancestral spiritualities has been the solid foundation on which they have been built the practices of spiritism in Cuba.

Since ancient times, the knowledge of life beyond death has motivated the investigation of such an autochthonous expression of Cubanness, making it clear to the viewer the reason why Fernando Ortiz proposed that Cuba was and will continue to be a cultural ajiaco.  

From Cabo de San Antonio to the tip of Maisí, the exercise of spiritism has been present.

The westernmost region of the Island defended the ancient currents of healing supported by natural elements and prayers, in the capital and part of the center of the country the doctrine of scientific spiritism prevailed, reaching schools to be erected to abound in this discipline, while in the The eastern part of the country stood out for cord spiritism and the religious currents obtained under the influence of the Haitian migration that took place in the largest of the Antilles hundreds of years ago.

Spiritism: Legacies and stories

From stories of famous spiritualists I propose to make a book, through which their data is kept and makeañaIt is so that future generations who feel identified with this religious aspect have the opportunity to meet the able seers who preceded them and rescue in some way the biographies of those who passed into anonymity because there was no one to tell their stories.

If we refer to great spiritualists, I quote Leocadia, who accompaniedañagives for brother José He will do good on earth by helping many people to change the course of their destiny towards the path of right and prosperity.

Being visited daily by the faithful who do not let their legacy die when they go to the necropolis of the capital Cristóbal Colón, where I have witnessed the acts of gratitude that in the name of faith the religious people have deposited on the tomb of the nine-colored star , place where their mortal remains receive eternal rest.

Asunción: santera, spiritualist and practitioner

When the history of spiritism in Cuba tells its most interesting anecdotes, it will have to make a special section to refer to a woman who, from her condition of mother and humble citizen, gave everything in the performance of scientific spiritism.

With these words I refer to Asunción, an older and spiritualist santera who, guided by the guidance of her main Eggún, gave a solution to major conflicts raised before her by the godchildren who took shelter under the shelter of her religious house.

Those who knew her say that she did not need to lean on a glass of water or a lit candle for many moments to predict the future and that sitting at the dining room table of her house facing the street she made passersby call to tell her relief and at other times solving their problems without making a profit from these actions.

Asunción had the gifts of a healer, so they know who relied on her miraculous hands to put an end to the ailments that plagued them, without being blinded by the need for evaluation by medicine when the situation warranted it.

The Knight of the Nine Black Princes

The spirit that accompaniesañaHe went to Asunción, whose name I do not mention out of respect for the compartmentalization of his family, was brought to Cuba like so many slaves, with the difference that he was not subjected to the brutal horrors of slavery on the Island.

This eggún was characterized by its revelry character, for being a man in all the extension that this word can contain and for, according to himself, having reported being consecrated in the practices of the Yoruba religion.

The support of this spiritual guide was fundamental in the transition of the life of Asunción, who with his advice and visions was able to lead himself on the correct path of life, getting rid on multiple occasions of the excesses that the osogbos cause in the destiny of the religious ones.  

The religious temple founded by this great spiritualist remembers her teachings and pays perennial homage to her spiritual guide every year, on the day that the Virgin of Our Lady of Loreto is celebrated, this wise spirit being remembered as the knight of the nine black princes .

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