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Do you know the History of the Birth of Babalú Ayé? The Universal Healer

History of Babalú Ayé

Babalu Aye He is a miraculous deity, he is considered the holy protector of humanity before the advent of epidemics and infectious-contagious diseases.

The Lucumí cradle of the Yoruba religion interpreted the birth of this deity from the womb of Nana Burucu, the patron saint of spirituality and of the African king Oxala.

It is believed that Asojano, the name by which this saint is also identified, is the brother of oshumare the protector deity of the rainbow and Iroko, saint who is attributed the power to fulfill good wishes.

Some bibliographic sources place the birth of Babalú Ayé as the result of an infidelity, since it is believed that Oxala was married to Yemaya when he lived love affairs with Nana Burucú.

When the latter gave birth to her descendant, there were malformations, for this reason she abandoned him to his fate on the seashore.

The Goddess of the Sea Yemayá covers Babalú Ayé in her mantle

Babalú Ayé and Yemayá

Yemayá took pity on the little boy and recognized him as his own heir, taking him to his palace at the bottom of the ocean where he grew up with the luxuries of a prince, where he remained sheltered from the judging gaze of the crowd for years.

Asojano acquired knowledge about medicine so he occasionally went to the home of the sick in order to alleviate their ailments.

It is known that among the virtues of this deity are intelligence and mercy, values ​​that he learned from the charity of Yemayá, the mother of the world.

From his brilliant performance as a doctor and healer, the first interpretation of his miracles was born, which were naturally always related to everything related to health and disease.

This Orisha had the gift of knowledge and the use of medicinal plants, especially those that were established as an effective antidote to eradicate ailments of the skin and other tissues.

Syncretism of the Orisha with Saint Lazarus Blessed

San Lázaro Babalú ayé
Saint Lazarus

Babalú Ayé is syncretized in the Catholic Religion with Saint Lazarus Blessed, a deity highly revered in Cuba and the rest of the American continent.

To this avatar of his life are related all the virtues already mentioned to which the cure or relief of orthopedic diseases are added.

Saint Lazarus is related to nature, his representation in the various religious aspects is closely linked to two dogs, who are considered his faithful companions.añaants and messengers.

Hence the popular cult that prohibits mistreatment of this breed of animals for being closely related to the deity.

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