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History of Eshú How was the deity of misfortunes born?

History of Eshú

In Yoruba religion Eshu rules the manifestations of the malevolent and is often placed next to the Orisha ELEGUÁ., owner of the roads, in an eternal link between the positive and the negative.

Eshú is the deity who cheats and engaña to the Orishas and men and is the exclusive power of the Babalawos, who carry, deliver and consecrate it with various elements and energies of nature.

It represents misfortunes when we are not in tune or balance with what surrounds us. This entity is usually represented as a humanoid-shaped mass of cement whose eyes, ears and mouth are represented by snails.

En the Rule of Osha (Santeria) when a home is protected it is because it habita Eleguá and when you have problems and negative influences, it is that Eshú has entered, this union of energies of both deities allows balance to be finally achieved in life.

Patakí on the birth of Eshú

This pataki (Yoruba story) tells that orula, the fortune teller and his wife desperately wanted to have a child, but could not. That is why they went to the great father obbatala to help them by granting their wish.

Obatala asked them to be patient, as he was busy trying to create men with clay. But the couple insisted and they proposed to take the figure that the wise orisha was making.

Obbatalá then told them that they should put their hands on the figure for twelve months to achieve the child they wanted so much.

The couple fulfilled what was promised to Obbatalá and as the great father had said, at the end of the indicated period, the son came to life.

The couple decided to name the little boy, Eshú. But the boy soon showed that all was not well with him, because since he was born he began to eat everything he found in his path.

The 201 roads children of Orula

One day, Eshu ate everything on Earth including animals, plants and even stones and decided to go to his parents' house with the intention of eating them.

But Orula had been alerted and advised by the oracle to be there that day with his machete in hand. So when Eshú entered the house, he chased him, cutting him with his machete and from each piece a new Eshú was born, until he reached 201.

Tired of so much running, Eshú stopped and proposed a deal to his father Orula, telling him that each of his parts would be a child for him and he could consult them whenever he wanted.

The sage agreed, but asked his son to return everything he had eaten. Eshu did so and vomited everything in his stomach, letting things take their place on earth again.

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