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History of the Spiritual Vault, Santeria cults

Santeria spiritual vault

The spiritual vault It is also an element of Catholicism that, due to the broad process of transculturation of Cuba in colonial times, was adopted for the Yoruba cult as a way of asking for help and thanking the ancestors.

La history of the Spirit Vault, dates from approximately the end of the XNUMXth century. It is said that in those years scientific spiritism was in vogue, with practices based on the worship of the spirits of the deceased.

Thus, the African slaves who witnessed these ceremonies also syncretized them with the rituals of the yoruba religion.

Since then the cuban santeria It also dedicates a space to ceremonies dedicated to the cult of the dead, such as the spiritual vault.

The Vault and the African touch

La history of the Spirit Vault relates that, to the ceremonies of spiritism learned from the Spanish settlers in Cuba, the African slaves added their own secrets of worship to Eggun.

Also, the name Vault was adopted from the crypts of churches, called vaults, which was where the dead were buried.

In spiritism, it can also mean a special or sacred place, destined to the worship of ancestors and ancestors.

Today the history of the vault and the spiritual mass It is a fundamental part of Santeria, and devotion to the Egguns is one of the main requirements to be a good follower of the Rule of Ocha.

The spiritual vault and its importance in Santeria

La story of the spiritual vault it reflects the ease with which many slaves adopted the spiritist cult to honor their deceased, placing a glass of water to raise the protective spirits and a candle.

The glasses with water represent an element of communication with the afterlife for many cults and religions, and the flowers and candles, elements of devotion, gratitude and remembrance.

A powerful spiritual energy flows through the vault that can help those who install it in times of need.

Also its installation allows to avoid dilemmas with the spirits, result of the lack of attention. It also helps us to increase communication between the earthly and spiritual planes and to unite the bonds of support and strength.

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