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The Hand of Fatima: The Story of this Powerful Amulet of Love

History of the hand of Fatima

The representation of the hand of Fatima it houses many secrets, for sure the origin of its history has not been definitively elucidated.

Moreover, two great hypotheses are derived from this cause, both related to Fatima, the woman who starred in the legend that years later became one of the most famous amulets in the world.

The hand of Fatima is considered one of the most effective talismans to achieve the protection and endurance of marital unions.

In addition, it has great value in promoting health and in the search for harmony and good fortune, so it is not surprising.añar its presence in homes, which has been extended to pendants, necklaces, key chains and even clothing.

Why is it considered a talisman of love?

Its origin is believed to date back to the period when the Prophet Muhammad preached the doctrines of the Qur'an.

At that time her daughter had married, the story goes that during one night while she was preparing dinner her husband came home accompaniedañado by a courtesan.

When the young woman saw what had happened, full of fury, she carelessly inserted one of her hands into the saucepan where dinner was cooked.

Her husband seeing what was happening quickly pulled her hand out of danger.

The husband, surprised by the pain he had caused his wife, was sorry for expelling the concubine from the house and then swore to his beloved that acts like that would never be repeated.

As time went by, their union grew stronger and the fruit of that love generated many descendants.

The great power of the Protecting Hand

Legend has it that when Fatima's husband left for war, she raised her hand and with the palm of it in front of her beloved, she blessed him, so that he would obtain success in the act that he would undertake.

Protecting him in this way against all kinds of curses.

Fatima's act brought a lot of luck not only to her husband, but to the army in general because they managed to win the campaignaña undertaken very successfully.

Reality that brought the woman the fame of blessed, for this reason Fatima became famous and from then on the act of raising her hand pointing to her with the palm was considered sacred, being a whole rite full of blessings.

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