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Pataki where Orunmila discovered Oshún's name Legend of love!

History of Orula and Oshún

Many Pataki understand our beautiful Yoruba religion, and although the stories are told and sometimes manifested in different situations, it is a reality that each one provides us with teachings and advice.

In this pataki it is related how Orunmila discovers Oshún's name in order to marry her.

Orula is a soothsayer and counselor of great power in the Yoruba Pantheon, and Oshún is also a powerful goddess, owner of fresh waters, rivers, honeys and sunflowers.

This Yoruba legend is very beautiful, we will tell you its story.

The Yoruba Love Story of Orula and Oshún

In distant lands the beautiful Oshún lived with her mother.

This beautiful young woman was charming, she had a sensual smile and when she laughed she captivated all the men who fell in love with her just by seeing her.

But none of them knew his name, because they were so mesmerized that they did not ask him, becoming speechless in his presence.

Many of these suitors came to his house and each one asked his mother to offer her in marriage.

  • But the mother always asked:
  • Do you know the name of my beloved daughter?
  • And they answered no, then the mother asked again:
  • So how do you intend to marry my daughter if you even know her name?

And as it happened to all men the same, because each one for his part decided to discover the name of the young woman so that her mother would offer her in marriage to the maiden.

But all men failed and could not know it in any way.

The mother, tired of receiving her daughter's suitors, decides that she would not receive anyone in her house until they knew her daughter's name.

Orunmila was among the young woman's suitors and was very much in love with her, but neither did he get the name, even through inquiries through his board.

So he decided to call Elegguá to see if he would help him.

How does Elegguá help Orula to get Oshún's love?

Elegguá was very clever and devised a plan to find out the name of the young woman who was overwhelmed by everyone and thus help Orunmila who was in love to get the young woman to be married.

The great Elegguá, who possesses great skill and is a master in the art of disguise, began at times as an old man, and at other times as a child, playing in the 4 corners near the young woman's house and also hiding behind doors.

This is how he gets to know the name of the young woman after a few days, hearing her mother call her very softly.

She finally had her name, the young woman was called: OSHÚN

Elegguá, happy to achieve his mission, ran to Orunmila to tell him what he had discovered.

Orunmila without wasting time goes to the girl's mother's house and respectfully tells her:

With your permission and my respects, I come for my future wife OSHÚN and she asks her daughter in marriage.

Oshún's mother, very happy to know that Orunmila would be her husband, gives her up and they get married.

And that is how in this story, thanks to Elegguá's intelligence and cunning, Orunmila can marry the beautiful Oshún.

  • Remember that in the Yoruba religion Elegguá always helps, he is Orunmila's best companion and confidant and Oshún's best friend.

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