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Ifá says: He who gets married wants to get married «History of Oshún and Shango»

History of Oshún and Shango

Kawó Silé the Orisha who owns the Batá drums had fallen in love with OshunHis love for this deity was so great that he was able to sacrifice his palace and go to live in the house of the most beautiful saint of the Yoruba Pantheon and live closely with his family.

The young couple in love loved each other intensely, they both shared a business that was thriving, but with the passage of time the relationships of the newlyweds with their partners were not the best.

Pataki: The coexistence between Oshún and Shango fails

Oshún and Shango

Little by little the hostility grew, converting the common environments into places of tension, so they decided to move to the palace of Shango and share some time with his family.

Upon their arrival they were welcomed with great affection, but as time passed the problems of coexistence between the newlyweds and their families began to emerge again.

These difficulties were not only referred to family coexistence since both deities began to fail in their business, quickly going bankrupt, a fact that led them to be destitute. 

The soothsayer Orula marks ebbó Shango

For this reason, Kawó Silé was forced to leave for another town in order to seek his fortune and with this support for the new family that he had formed with Oshún.

On his way he met a great fortune teller who was named Orula, the one who registered it with the help of his board and his ékuele, offering him a part of the solution of his problems through the realization of an ebbo.

The wise man commented that by this letter it was considered a mistake to have moved with his relatives and that the conflicts generated as a result of the coexistence of the marriage in other people's houses, was what had brought unhappiness in his life and misfortune in his business.

Happiness returns to marriage:

Shango agreed with what was proposed and carried out the ebbó that Orula marked him with the different birds of the mountain.

Thanks to this ritual, he managed to find a job and obtain sufficient earnings to establish himself independently with his wife.

After both working hard they managed to reopen their old business and in this way peace and happiness returned to their lives.

Lessons that this pataki gives us:

For this Ogbe Iwori odun, it is necessary for couples to become independent and live alone because this is the only way for their union to be happy and lasting and they can freely make their own determinations.

Hence the popular saying that he quotes: He who marries, wants home.

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