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Saint Cosme and Saint Damien, Patrons of Physicians

History of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damien

San Cosme and San Damiano, twin brothers, are seen today as the employers of physicians Catholics and even, the story goes, they were called "non-collectors" because they practiced medicine without charging anything to poor patients.

They were born in Arabia in the third century and dedicated their lives entirely to medicine, and it is that they did not charge the most disadvantaged with the consultation and their remedies, but rather they spoke to them of the healing power of God, for which they came to be considered benefactors of the poor. They brought their word of love and faith to those who needed it most.

History of San Cosme and San Damián:

It is said that at that time Lysias, the governor of Cilicia, reigned, who prohibited the two brothers from spreading the Christian religion, but they continued to do so every time they cured a sick person.

They say that, by not being able to stop the fame of San Cosme and San DamianoHe ordered them to be thrown into the sea, but a gigantic wave saved them and miraculously brought them to shore.

Later, the governor of Cilicia ordered them to be burned alive, but the flames did not touch them, but burned the executioners.

Finally, Lysias had their heads cut off, and so the brothers died shedding their blood for proclaiming their love for Jesus.

Legend has it that, next to the tomb of the two twin brothers, Cosme and Damián, marvelous cures began to take place and for that reason in Constantinople they raised two great temples in honor of the doctors.

Among some of the most famous characters that history names, who were healed next to the tomb of San Cosme and San Damiano, is the Emperor Justinian I.

Prayer to Saint Cosme and Saint Damien, the medical brothers:

Many are the people who when they are affected by a disease or their relatives are in danger, resort to prayer to San Cosme and San Damiano.

We offer you this beautiful prayer that we must pray with great faith:

Enlightened martyrs Saint Cosmas and Saint Damien, who gave your life to uphold our holy Catholic faith. Admirable doctors, who healed all the illnesses of all those who availed themselves of your protection, we turn to your intercession and ask you to reach out to us from the Heart of our good Lord Jesus Christ, Teacher, Pastor and Brother, look at us with mercy in our tribulations and grant us the The grace to free us from the virus epidemic that we request in this prayer, as it is for your glory and honor and the benefit of our souls. Amen.

Santos Cosme and Damien, syncretism

San Cosme and San Damiano are syncretized in the Yoruba religion with the ibeyis, the Jimaguas Orishas who are saviors of man on earth, personify all good things, fortune, luck and prosperity.

These powerful African deities are also two brothers, this relationship in the Afro-Cuban religion between Santos and Orishas is due to this.

The Ibeyis are able to save from death and evil and protect mountain walkers and all children as well.

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