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The story of Shango and Oyá ≫ Love and war in a Pataki

Story of Shango and Oyá

Yoruba legends say that Oyá y Shango they turned out to be a couple because the Thunder King wanted to annoy Oggun, patron of iron and first husband of the Goddess of Centella and snatched it from her.

So the love between Shangó and Oyá It was from the beginning, the result of wars and confrontations. Both deities have as characteristics, the love of fighting, power and impulsiveness.

Shango is the Lord of Thunder and Fire, a passionate warrior, one of the most powerful and revered Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon.

Meanwhile Oyá She is the mother of Eggunes and spirits, Lady of the Spark and the Strong Winds and a warrior woman par excellence, a respected and even feared goddess.

Pataki: Oyá save Shango

They say that one day Shangó was surrounded by enemies who were looking for him and had not managed to defeat them. Thus, he had lost his horse and, fleeing as best he could, he finally reached the place where he lived. Oyá.

In that place, no one knew that she was Shango's wife, so the Lord of Fire asked her to hide it, since her lightning was not effective against the enemies she had to face.

  • "Why do you lack the courage to fight?"he asked Oyá.

To which he replied that he was not afraid, but that he was very tired and that, if he could escape from that fence, he would regain his strength and the desire to win.

Entonces Oyá She explained that, to save herself, when night fell she should put on one of her dresses and braid her hair.

Shango wins with the help of his warrior wife

At night, the goddess of the Centella cut her braids and gave them to Shangó who did not know what to do with them, but Oyá he cleverly placed them on his head.

Then he helped him dress as a woman and that is how Shangó came out, imitating Oyá, and crossed close to the enemy, whom he greeted by shaking his head, but without saying a word, because with his strong and deep voice his identity would be revealed.

Dressed like this, he moved away from there and managed to rest and regain energy. More recovered, he found his horse Echinle and launched the attack, still wearing his wife's clothes and braids.

Y Oyá She also came out armed, determined to help her husband. Between the two they defeated the enemy, since then Oyá Yansa is the inseparable woman of the god Shango in all wars.

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