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The Story of Shango, The Yoruba King who hanged himself

History of Shango

Shango, is the leading Orisha in the Yoruba religion. He is a highly revered warrior Osha associated with rituals of dance, virility, thunder, lightning and fire.

He is a deity of justice and is characterized as historical and divine, described as a man of explosive character who likes strong, spicy or well-seasoned foods and red wine, since that is the favorite drink of warriors like him.

The orisha Shango In history, he is one of the kings of the Yoruba religion and represents the joy of living in an intense way, masculine beauty, passion, intelligence and wealth.

He has control over the religious system known as Osha-Ifá and was the first interpreter of the Oracle. He is the priest of the oracle of Diloggún and that of Biange and Aditoto, so he communicates with the Eggun and spirits.

Shango, righteous deity

Yoruba legend tells that Shango He was a very powerful king, a great warrior and a famous sorcerer, but who by mistake destroyed his house, his family, his wife and children and after this he became an Orisha.

In the story, Shango is considered an Orisha, on the one hand, a strong, brave and just God, but who can become a tyrant, violent and impetuous.

However, in the Rule of Osha (Santeria) it is associated with reason, knowledge and intellect, as well as the values ​​of justice and law.

But as it is also the essence of masculinity, many of his patakis narrate his battles for the love of women, for dancing and having fun. That is why many of the offerings they make to her are intended to ask for love.

King of Kings, the legend of Shango

The pataki tells that Shango He was a young man that nobody wanted because he was too mischievous and impulsive, until he grew up and discovered the art of divination and with it, the Ekuele method, which is the chain of divination.

One day the young man met a man named orunmila, the soothsayer and counselor to the world, who chided him for leading a troubled life He also revealed that he was a direct descendant of the King Oduduwa and that for that reason he had the right to the throne, but that he had not earned it.

Then Orunmila said, "Kings are not born, kings are placed" and it changed to Shango his divinatory method in exchange for making him King.

That was how Shango He was the fourth Alafin or King of Oyó and was part of the second dynasty of Oduduwa after the destruction of Katonga.

Shango It was then with the objective of showing the Yoruba faith to the people again and that they could enjoy a better life under the precepts of the one God.

But as he was very strict, they branded him a tyrant and since the laws stipulated that, if a king was no longer accepted by his people, he should die, legend has it that Shango He hanged himself, but resurrected and began to be worshiped as the Orisha called "The Lord of Thunder."

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