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History of Father Obatalá Why couldn't he create the Earth?

History of Obatalá

Obatala he is the father of all children on earth, he is the creator of human beings and everything that habita in the planet. It governs all the parts of the human body, mainly the head and the thoughts. Deity of peace, health and tranquility.

He is the owner of whiteness and white metals, especially silver, as a symbol of peace and purity. And it is that Obatalá prefers everything clean, white and pure.

It represents at the same time the creation and the magnanimous, but it is also the pride, the anger and the despotism, sculptor of the human being, of the first Orishas in the Yoruba religion and one of the Seven African Powers.

He is also characterized as a father full of patience and love, who brings intelligence, peace and calm to the world, but who does not tolerate disrespect.

Obatalá, Father of the world

El Orisha Obatala It is one of the seven major and main Orishas of the Yoruba religion. He was born as an incarnation of the supreme gods Olofin and Oloddumare.

His first commission was to create the Earth, but due to his problems of pride, he could not finish the work and for that reason he was descended to the greater Orisha.

However, he is owed immense respect and is venerated as the oldest and wisest of all the saints of the Afro-Cuban pantheon, the counselor, the guide and watchdog of our decisions, there is not a thought that he does not know.  

But Why couldn't obbatala create Earth?

Patakí from Obatalá and Eshú

The story tells that, to Earth, Olofin and Oloddumare sent Obatala to create life.

He accepted his mission and went to his goal, but on his way he appeared Eshu, the deity who rules the malevolent, and asked him for an offering.

Obatala, proud, refused to make the offense to Eshú, the deity of the disturbances was furious and decided to engañar the Orisha with a trap containing alcohol.

Thus Obatala fell asleep and left all creation without a guardian.

Olodumare Seeing the trouble he unleashed by the Orisha's pride of purity, he gave the task of ending the world to Oddua, who did respond to Eshu's request.

This is how the creation of the Earth was completed and since then, Obatalá cannot drink any alcoholic beverages, by order of Olodumare. And this precept is followed by all his children, because along with alcohol comes misfortune and perdition.

After this, Obatala and his wife Yemmú, were the parents of the powerful Oggun owner of iron, oshosi the vigilante, Shango the king of thunder, orula the fortune teller, Eleggua the owner of roads and Osun the watcher of the heads.

Also for this reason that within the cult of the Yoruba religion this Orisha is the fairest of all, as the father of the other saints who come to him as an honorable father and judge.

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