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Olofi punishes the selfish! This story by Ika Ejiogbe reminds us

History Ika Ejiogbe

In times when water was scarce, man eagerly sought to obtain such a precious liquid, and the crab was the only living being that possessed such good, protecting it at the bottom of its cave.

Through water, the crab obtained its profits, even exchanging other inputs for a small portion of the liquid.

Pataki where the crab was ruined by selfishness

The quail who was the trusted bird of Oshun She lived in poverty, and on one occasion she sent an emissary to ask the crab for water.

When the envoy arrived at the well, the crab told the quail that he had to pay for the water, but if he really needed it, he had to buy the complete well because only then would he sell it. 

Then the quail's servant begged the crab to give him some water, because if he came home without it, his godmother would be offended.

The crustacean told him that the well belonged to Oggun and if she wanted water, she would ask him for it.

Orula always detects deception and lies

With this lie, the crab saved its responsibility to deny the quail water and left for its cave.

Meanwhile the secretary of the quail visited orunmila for the fortune teller to help him persuade Oggún.

The oracle warned the consulted of the possibility of being deceived and instructed him to carry out an ebbó.

After completing Ifa, the individual went back to his house and along the way he met the majá, who asked the whereabouts of Oggun.

He asked him in exchange for the information that the hen that was wrapped in the ebbó cartridge gave him and both complied with the agreement.

Oggún blesses everyone with water and the crab is punished

The messenger of the quail went to look for Oggun at the place that the majá He had told him and instead he found a leper there.

Seeing the condition of the patient, the man felt sorry for him and gave him a yam.

And walking a little further, the individual found Oggún who was coming from the train lines carrying some irons on his back.

  • This, having the Orisha in front of him, asked him if he owned the well from which the crab was supplied.
  • He replied that the true owner was the crab, but that he should not deal with that lie because the water was not only for him but for all the animals.

Then Oggún gave the man a güira and told him to throw it in front of his house.

When the man arrived at his house, he threw the güira and a deep and mighty well was formed, and from this the rich and the poor were supplied.

The quail was pleased with Oggún's gift and as time passed as punishment, Olofin dried up the well of the crab who was left in ruin because he was selfish.

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