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2 Stories of Obatala when he distributed powers to the Orishas

Obatala stories

Obatala the white orisha, on one occasion had been sent by the great creator Olofin to put peace once and for all on earth and confirm the domains of each of the Orishas and deities that haveabitaban on it

On earth, he met the king of the depths, the severe king who did not forgive and who was capable of punishing whoever dared to make mistakes or disobey his commands, that king was Olokun.

Then Obatala called Olokun to modify his character and behavior, but he omitted the request of the white orisha and continued to impose his punishments as always.

Olokun for this reason had to be chained in the great and mysterious depths of the sea, where he has lived ever since. From there he emanates great energy and when he gets angry he is capable of unleashing the biggest storms.  

This Orisha must be respected a lot, he is not asked or bothered in vain, much less disrespecting him or playing with his deity, because he punishes severely and only through the great father Obatalá is it possible to ask him for mercy and forgiveness.

Why are all the Orishas entitled to the coconut in the Osha?

Obatala and obi stories

Once in the world when Obatalá, the father of all, was the owner of the Obbi (coconut), he gathered all the Orishas to give each one a hierarchy.

This meeting took place under the shade of a coconut tree, and then Obatalá placed a broken coconut at the feet of each one.

For this reason in the Rule of Osha all the orishas have the right to coconut, a sacred fruit within the Yoruba religion.

All Orishas sat around that tree and listened respectfully to Obatala's command.

But a deity was not satisfied, the owner of the disease Babalú Ayé he was reluctant at Father Orisha's instructions.

Obatalá finally dominated him and Babalú followed the instructions.

Thus, in religious worship, ceremonies and rites without the conceived offering of a coconut to the ikus and eggun and to the Orishas, ​​it is not possible to proceed.

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