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The Stories of the Loves of «The Goddess Oshún» ► Beautiful legends

Oshún Stories

In the Yoruba pantheon the Orisha Oshún She is queen among queens, majestic, sensual, flirtatious, graceful, a feminine beauty. She is the owner of rivers, waterfalls and fresh water.

In Oddun Iroso Odí (4-7) love is born and says:

"In the kingdom of love, some love and others are loved, happiness is being able to be both."

"Love who loves you and not who you like."

And about the power and magic of love, in the patakies it is narrated that Oshún, because of his beauty, his exotic dances and his sensual walk, seduced all men, and they fell at his feet, instantly in love with his magic. 

And so in the stories of the Yoruba religion, Oshún had many loves whom he loved and who loved him.

Oshún and his first love, the beautiful Inle:

Orisha inle

The legends narrate that Inle was his first love, but she lets him down with a lie and one day that relationship breaks down.

Inle or Erinlé is a beautiful Orisha representing fishing and floriculture. It is said that when Oshún saw Inle he fell madly in love with him.

But Inle only had eyes for the forest nymphs, so Oshún disguises herself as one of them to captivate her love. She seduces Inle and lives with him but one day Inle discovers her and abandons her.

The goddess Oshún and Oshosi the hunter:

Oshosi's Arrow

Oshún is very hurt and meets one day Oshosi the Bow and Arrow Justice, and the orisha falls madly in love with her. They live together and conceive Logún Edé.

Logún Edé is a minor Orisha that has hermaphroditic characteristics, during the year this deity is 6 months female habitando in rivers and 6 months walks as a man, in the woods like his father.

In this story, after time they separate because Oshún really did not love Oshosi.

The love between Oshún and the great Azowano:

The unknown roads of Azojuano

He also had affairs with Azowan, the king of the disease, but this was a very womanizer and in his gait he contracted a venereal disease, specifically syphilis and died.

Olofin listens to the pleas of Oshún, his favorite orisha, that he bring his beloved back to life and forgive his mistakes.

Then the creator Olofin forgives him, but on the condition that he would only have Oshún as his wife.

Oshún and Orunmila the fortune teller:

Oshún and Orula

Yemayá adores Oshún, and for her she makes great sacrifices and grants her riches. The pataki tells that one day Oshún betrays his sister Yemayá while she is married to orunmila.

One day Orunmila upon seeing Oshún falls in love with her and ends up conquering her. Yemayá the goddess of the sea one day surprises them in a gourd making love and thus becomes the wife of Orunmila, his beloved appetite.

The beautiful Oshún and Shango, the owner of the lightning:

Pataki de Oshún and Shango

Oshún's excessive and great love for the king of the drum was an idyllic and passionate love, but he had to share it with two beautiful and strong Orishas, Obba y Oyá.

Oshún lived in love with Shango But he spent his time at parties and sharing his time with his other women, he did not take care of her at all as he should and he saw little of him.

The orisha Oshún was completely neglected and at that time she meets with Oduduwa and betrays Shango.

Oshún also lost everything in love:

Pataki from Oshún

Everyone fell in love with Oshún and many were not reciprocated with their love, so she is threatened and leaves the palace, abandoning all her wealth.

In total poverty, she is even forced to sell her body in order to survive. Faced with such a need, she sells all her clothes and even cut her long black hair to trade.

Oshún is left with only one dress, which turns yellow from so much washing. Only her sister Yemayá could save her from misfortune.

The sisterly love between Yemayá and Oshún:

Oshún and Yemayá together

Mother of the world Yemaya She loves Oshún very much and professes a great sisterly love for him. One day Oshún lamented so much difficulty and Yemayá decides to forget his grudges and goes to his aid.

She forgives her sister and gives her the river and the power of its sweet waters so that she can reign in it, she gives her jewels and riches, she also gives her hair and she is made queen.

Oshun sacrifices herself for Oyá, the goddess of the spark:

yemaya oshun oyá

Legend has it that Yemayá, Oshun and Oyá They were sisters, the oldest was Yemayá and she was the one who took care of the other smaller ones.

One day Oyá she runs away from home and goes far away and is kidnapped. In her kidnapping they ask for a lot of money for her, money that Oshun did not have to offer.

Then he proposes to the boss that he can give him his most precious tribute, which was his virginity, and gives himself to him to get his sister back. This is how Oshun saves Oyá.

The day Oshún sacrifices himself for humanity:

All about Oshún

There comes a day when life on earth had to be saved and nobody could do anything and that is how Oshún becomes a vulture and arrives in front of the creator Olofin to ask him to save humanity.

With his goodness, his cunning and sweetness, Oshún in Yoruba history has interceded more than once for the healing and salvation of men on earth.

Oshún removes the owner of the iron Oggún from the mountain:

Oggún and Oshún

Olofin needed Oggún the owner of iron In the town, he was the only Orisha who was missing, he sent for him and he did not want to leave the mountain.

Then Olofin sent to take him out with the Orishas and none of them were successful. It was when Oshún promised to intervene to achieve Olofi's mandate.

The goddess of honey never lived with Oggún but she takes him out of the forest using her charms as a weapon, with her body full of honey, her dances and songs she falls in love with him and thus on the fifth day she manages to get him out.

Oshún always gives us "a message of love"

As you can see, the Orisha Oshún has always loved, they have loved her, they offended and sullied her for sacrificing herself for her sister Oyá and for humanity avoiding a flood.

Each one of us must get a message from such beautiful legends, because they are for that, so that from each one we get a lesson.

In our lives a love arrives, a love leaves, but this does not mean that love is extinguished.

Love is not only carnal or between couples, there is love in our whole life, we live surrounded by its energy, you just have to open your mind and find it in everything you do, in your environment, in your life.

Love above all things!

Love your family, your friends, everyone, but always remembering that we must love without expecting anything in return.

He loves nature, the great sun, the moon, the stars, life and everything beautiful that lives in it, the Universe.

And remember that if you still do not find your partner, have faith and trust in our Iya Oshún, she will knock on the doors of your soul soon and you will find a beautiful love to accompany you on the path of life if you wish.

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