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3 Stories of the Eyioco Sign that give us great teachings

Eyioko Stories

«Arrow between brothers«

When leaving this sign:

  • One gets up from the chair, walks around and sits down again.
  • The index fingers of each hand are crossed as if shooting arrows.

Orishas that speak in this oddun:

  • Ochosi,
  • Choose,
  • Ogun
  • Oko Orisha,
  • Orunmila,
  • Obatala,
  • Shango and
  • the Jimaguas Ibeyis.

Süyere of the sign (songs):

Ejioco Temi Ten Temitishe Miniwoloco looming fears Timitishe Meniwa Monewoloco.

In this letter born:

  • Arrow between brothers. Today his brother is his enemy.
  • Feather animals.
  • The jimaguas.

3 Stories that are born in the Oddun Eyioco

Patakies by Eyioko

1. When Orula's advice is not followed, misfortune is attracted

Eyíoco and Iré were very close friends, they always hung out together. One day Eyíoco had a dream and it was where he was orula for this to advise you.

Orula sent him to pray, but as he allowed himself to be guided by the others, he did not pay attention to what the fortune-teller Orula told him.

Eventually he stopped hanging out with his friend Iré and even went around presuming that he knew more than he did.

I will go worried, he went to Orula so that he would call Eyioco and give him some advice. Then Orula sent to tell Eyioco with Iré that if they called him when he was walking, he would not look back.

The message was given, but Eyioco did not comply, he looked back when they called him and they would not kill him for nothing, if it had not been for the Jimaguas he would not have been saved. 

2. Never take advantage of the underprivileged

A person who was in poor health and his economic situation was terrible decides to go out to look for work and came to a farm to ask for a job, the owner, thinking that he could exploit it at will, offered him the job.

One night the worker decided to pray with two coconuts, two candles and two eggs, he buried them in a field in the middle of the farm one night.

The owner was watching him and since he always thought he was being robbed, he immediately called the police.

These, when checking the field, only found the buried prayer and then the worker took advantage of it and asked that the damages be paid.

The owner had to compensate with the farm because he was without money and Eyioco remained as the owner of those lands.

3. The birth of menstruation in women

Ode lived with his wife, he was a hunter and every day he went hunting and everything he obtained he put at the foot of a tree so that Olofin would come and drink the blood of the prey.

One day when he returned home, his wife asked him why all the animals were bled and he replied that she was not interested in that, and she remains silent.

The next day before Odé went hunting, she threw ashes into her bag and opened three holes so that the ash would fall out and mark the way and thus follow her husband.

This one without realizing that they were following his trail when he got to where Olofi is, he asks him who he has gone with, that, if he was accompanyingañado, and Ode says no.

Then Olofi points and asks him who is that woman who is hiding in the bushes and Odé answers that he does not know who it will be.

Olofin then says:

Listen to you because of your curiosity if you want to see blood, you will have blood forever.

And from that day the woman's menstruation is born.

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