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Ifá says that intelligence surpasses force: 2 stories of Otrupon Meyi

Otrupon Meyi Stories

Otrupon Meyi is the odun in which man defeated the osogbos using intelligence.

In this sign affronts and cheating are born, so it is necessary to listen to the advice of Ifá so as not to have to regret a mistake.

The burnisher defeated the tiger at Otrupon Meyi

In the town near the shore that separated the mountain from the coast lived a burnisher who carried out his trade with great professionalism and skill.

His colleagues who were dedicated to the same work, knowing that they were not as virtuous as the aforementioned, began to feel envy and resentment for him, because what they did not forgive him was not the fortune that he had obtained with so much sacrifice but his condition as a happy man. .

So much was the rancor that was on the rise that the ruffians went in search of the tiger to be executed, entrusting him with the task of ending his days in exchange for a few coins.

Then the other burnishers asked the tiger to lie down at the door of the good man's business pretending to be asleep and when he least imagined it to pounce on him to fulfill his mission.

It happened then that the tiger lay at the door of the burnisher's office and this distrustful one, far from turning his back, looked for one of his pointed iron tools, the one that pierced him on the spot, thus freeing himself from certain death.

Just as Orumila had predestined him:

You had to take the initiative before being attacked.

Ifá says: Cowardice is sometimes synonymous with intelligence

This pataki tells the story of a man who dragged on the earth with many osogbos from which he had been able to get rid.

On one occasion, some fanatics of the town challenged him to try his luck by entering a house that had been there for several years.abitaba Iku (death).

The man, seeing himself tied to so many pressures, went to see Orunmila the great fortune teller so that it will help him get ahead.

The oracle warned man of the presence of a supernatural entity that surrounded him and the weakness of pride in the face of an affront, advising him to:

If you had to enter any house, you had to knock on the door beforehand.

When the man arrived at Ikú's house, he found the door open, then, remembering the Orisha's advice, he touched the knocker over and over again.

The noise of the knocker was so deafening that Iku's screams could be heard from outside.

Understanding in this way what awaited him if he entered, so he turned his back and let his peers think what they wanted and if they were really that brave, then let them enter.

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