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Tribute to Oyá: A Prayer of Gratitude to the Queen of the Winds

Tribute to Oyá

With your framb podoyán, who removes and cures evils, today I beg you Yansa to erase my rivals.

I charge you, my queen, what causes me affliction, so that you with your winds lose my location.

Oyá divine queen, monarch of the living and the dead, if with your Ashé I accompaniedañas my dreams will be successes.

I do not have fine words to speak of your worth, but not seeing your greatness would be a hubbub, you are a queen among queens, a woman of a single word and when you dictate poor judgment to those who do not please you.

You don't need a palace of precious stones or gold, but I want you to know that I give everything for you.

Since I met you I have only been able to admire you, because your sincere words are reason to flatter you.

You do not tell the religious what he wants to hear, you offer him with your advice the truth that he has to live, you are my holy warrior, a swirling volcano, that's why all your children have clear paths.

Take away Oyá with your winds everything that caused me pain and teach me to look at the world with a little more love.

I know that in your company everything becomes possible, that's why I want our union to be intangible.

Throw all your sparks, so that I can see, the enemy who wants to see me once again fall.

Support me when I hesitate and make me worthy of your love, because having you as a mother is a great honor for me.

I will live very grateful that you have affection for me, because despite all things you cope with my defects, help me to grow, to be a better person so that when I look forward my crown will never fall.

Queen of nine handkerchiefs, nine lands, nine stories, my thanks to you will be the flag of my story

You rule the cemeteries, from there you serve Olodumare, that's why you are the regent of beginnings and ends, together with your cavalry of warrior spirits you take the battlefields and make fear shiver.

No You do not support injustice, nor the abuse of power, that is why the Yoruba people ask you to intercede, put an end to suffering, misery and pain and sow tranquility and love in this world.

Oyá Sacred Orisha, I never say goodbye to you, because I know you watch my course and guard my destiny.

There is no abyss in the world that can separate me from you, because even without being able to see you I will never stop loving you.

We share some beautiful rituals on behalf of Oyá:

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