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A humble Tribute to Elegguá in his day: An Orisha with a giant heart

Eleggua Tribute

Disoriented and aimless a mañaI didn't wake up, I felt that nothing mattered anymore and I abandoned my dreams, after so many setbacks, of almost losing faith, I remembered that I am not alone and I clung to my Elegguá.

Then in the darkness, when I was disoriented, Elegguá took my hand and walked by my side. He told me: "You are my son, do not suffer or despair because, with my blessing and your sacrifice, your path will soon flourish."

After many anguish I had a moment of peace, I remembered that I am your son and that will never change, Elegguá blessed saint, forgive all my faults and from today I beg you not to leave my house, I believe in you and in the warriors and in you I owe my glory, from today I promise to always honor your memory.

I cling to you giant, strong and determined saint, if you always accompany meañas, well it will be my destiny, I don't want to brag about how much I love you, but I want you to know that you will always come first.

I think of you in sadness, in grief, in joy, I summoned you at parties and also in the hubbub, I want to follow in your footsteps, because you are a beacon on my path, I beg you, my Elegguá, always stay with me.

Of your 21 paths I need one open, so that my united family can enjoy your successes, I only want health, strength and tranquility to be able to decently bring food to my home.

I don't know if it's an affront or a pretentious desire, but I ask you, my father, to welcome me in your overflow, give me what I long for, only what I may deserve and teach me with sacrifice to your love to reciprocate.

With your magical scribble, stop my difficulties, so that they cannot make me a victim of their evils, remove with that instrument all the hatred and resentment and replace it, father, with humility and forgiveness.

Inside your goat bag, where you carry candies, I will place a letter where I will not put wishes, I will write to you with my soul, with my heart beating, to tell you my father everything I feel for you.

My words are not false, nor are my intentions, but I would like to tell you that I love you by the heap.

I would like to end this humble tribute by telling you Elegguá that you are a very great saint, I owe my fortune to you and everything I have achieved thanks to those tips that were very successful.

The Yoruba people know that you are an Orisha Warrior, so when Elegguá arrives, there is no room for fear.

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