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What is the sacred meaning of the phrase "Ibae Bayen Tonu"?

Ibae Bayen Tonu

Let us always remember that in the Yoruba religion or Lucumí religion, an important place is given to worship and respect for the dead.

Respect and attention to eggun, which is the spirit of the deceased to whom Ikú (death) has taken, is of utmost importance in the ritual processes of Santeria, since the spirits have a relevant and sacred presence in the foundations of this religion.

The Yoruba religion honors its dead before the Orishas, ​​and they serve before each ceremony, all the Eggun who are known as the ancestors who lived practicing the religion, or the ancestors who accompaniedañan the spiritual picture of each person.

For this reason, in Yoruba ceremonies, before carrying out any activity or work related to the saints, the phrase is used "Iku Lobi Osha", meaning "The dead gave birth to the saint", as a symbol of respect, which implies that the dead person must be attended to first.

Paying attention to our ancestors, or Eggún, before fulfilling any ceremony in the Rule of Osha more than a tradition is a spiritual obligation with the dead, out of respect.

The presence of these spiritual beings has a profound value at the time when Yoruba ceremonies are performed.

Ancestor worship, respect and attention to Eggun

Cult of the Eggun

The spirits of our ancestors or ancestors are guides on our path and remain close to us regardless of whether they have passed away, in the ara onu, in that infinite space between heaven and earth where habitan the Eggún and the spirits.

For this reason, our attentions are a feeling of gratitude for our ancestors, reminding us that if it were not for our ancestors we would not have been born.

Now, to greet and ask the spirits for their blessings, we must bear in mind that we are not only referring to our blood family, but also to the deceased religious, oloshas and deceased babalawos, to whom we must also pay the tribute they deserve. .

For all of them we do the moyugba ceremony, which means: "Bless my ancestors" and it is necessary to pronounce the name of all the ancestors that must be remembered, always preceded by this term, moyugba.

Meaning of "Ibae Bayen Tonu«

When these invocations are made one must say "Ibae Bayen Tonu» what does it mean:

"Rest in peace".

This phrase is translated from the Yoruba "Ìba e, iba e, enìto nù" and its meaning is

"I greet you, I greet you, you who have disappeared."

It is also translated as: "To my dead ancestors". In itself this sacred expression invokes the ancestors before beginning any ceremony to support us with their energy and spiritual strength, thanks to them knowledge and wisdom has been transmitted in several generations until today.  

Moyugba to the deceased

mojugbar Within the Yoruba religion it is to offer a greeting, its meaning is translated as: "I pay tribute" y "Praise him". Sacred ritual that is performed to greet correctly and show respect and devotion for the Orishas, ​​for the spirits, for the family, life and for the earth.

Within the moyugba we also invoke the company and guidance of our blood ancestors, using the phrase "bobbo ara un ", what does it mean:

"For all who are in the sacred realm of truth."

Thus, we ask for the blessings of our dead.

And when you greet a relative who had a holy deed and died, then it is also said Ibae bayen tonu.

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