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Who is Oshún Ibu Akuaro? The Orisha who does not wear a crown

Ibu Akuaro

Ibu Akuaro is the youngest and most beautiful avatar known from the Orisha Oshun. She is a hardworking and peaceful saint, it is an indispensable requirement that in the house where she lives there is peace.

This deity personifies the Christian precept of paying only love to others because it refuses to use its gifts with the aim of dañara no other Orisha or human being.

This saint is capable of incarnating her soul in the body of the quail, an animal through which she sends messages and blessings for her children, they are characterized by being peaceful and friendly people, capable of sharing with strangers even what they do not have.

The care of the sick, the care of the helpless and the protection of the innocent especially if they are children are tasks that run under the charge of this deity, which he performs with pleasure and consecration.

Ibu Akuaro can only be summoned by the sound of the bell.

Some Patakis describe this African deity as deaf or rather as having hearing disorders

It is necessary to invoke it through the energetic ringing of its bell, the only method that religious people can use to invoke it because it is one of the few sounds that Ibu Akuaro listens.

This saint protects human beings who suffer from hearing disabilities, watches over their physical and mental health and makes it possible for them to establish relationships with the environment that surrounds them in the most natural way possible.

where habita this Yoruba deity?

This Orisha habita at the point where the river and the sea meet, a propitious place to make offerings and sacrifices. Some patakis describe this saint close to waterfalls.

What attributes belong to Oshún Ibu Akuaro?

Ibu Akuaro She is the only saint who does not wear a crown. Her virtues include modesty and moderation. She is a divinity who does not know excesses.

Habita in a discreet tureen containing a mangrove cane, a coral fragment and a jet, it can be embellished with quail feathers.

This saint is made a tiara in the shape of a snake that must bear the measurements of the head of the santero who has it crowned in the Osha.

The receptacle of this deity can be placed on top of ten green and yellow silk scarves.

Ashen chickens, quail and pigeons are slaughtered. Mirrors and the use of the five golden bracelets on the left arm are attributed to this deity.

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