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The eldest of the Witches, the sorceress Oshún Ibú Kolé ≫ Meet the orisha

Ibu Kole

Oshun Ibu Kole It is one of the best known paths of the Yoruba Goddess of Love, Oshun. She is also known as a witch or sorceress because her name means "that which collects and recovers garbage and dust".

It is also known as Akalá-Kalá, Kolékolé, Ikolé, Bankolé and it is said that it works with the vulture or tiny aura, which is its companion and emissary.

She watches over the house and lives in a clay jar. Your food is delivered to you in a basin of water. Oshun Ibu Kole She is the eldest of the Aje or witches and knows how to make and cast spells that can be quite negative.

In Cuba, Oshún Ibú Kolé is one of the most revered paths of the goddess of the rivers, although it is said that she only practices malevolent spells and eats what the tñosa brings her.

What is Oshún Ibú Kolé like?

This Oshún has the characteristics of the Yoruba goddess of Love, that is, she is a beautiful and smiling woman, sensual and exuberant. However, he wears poor and very simple clothing.

And it is that, according to the legends, this Oshún wanders in the currents of the rivers and in the mud, and always remains in misery. She has only one dress which, after washing it so much, turned from white to yellow.

She eats goats, two white chickens, two black and guinea pigeons and her Ochinchin is made with river silt, locksmith, white piglet or chard.

Attributes of Ibú Kolé

The attributes of Oshún Ibu Kole they are mainly related to her characterization as a witch or healer, without leaving aside the very elements that make her the Goddess of Love and Rivers. Among them are

  • A porcelain or plastic doll
  • two billiard balls
  • two mirrors
  • 5 tinea feathers
  • 5 mortars (pharmacy)
  • fan made of white beaded tinea feathers
  • crown adorned with tinea feathers
  • a broom
  • two oars
  • a sword
  • a moon
  • a glass
  • a bell
  • a drum
  • a trident
  • a comb
  • a pylon
  • ten spears
  • You put a basket with 5 needles to sew with a thimble and a ball.

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