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Do you know the meaning of the Idè de Orula? 5 Things you should know

Ide of Orula

In the Afro-Cuban tradition the Idè orunmila it is given in a consecration ceremony called Awofakan for men or Ikofa for women (Orunmila's hand).

In the Yoruba religion, Idé is a non-decorative religious and sacred attribute., It is a pulse with green and yellow colored beads that are combined and is received together with a necklace with the same colors called Ileke.

This ceremony lasts three days and at least three babalawos participate in it, in addition the Warrior Orishas are delivered: Elegguá, Oggún, Oshosi and Ozun.

1. Everyone talks about Idè but, do you know who Idè is?

Mano de Orula (idde) bracelet with green and yellow beads

Idè is Orunmila's wife and all the followers of Ifá must wear it.

The Idè must be carried by a treaty made between Ikú (Death) and Orunmila so that before time death does not take the children of Orula.

  • Unless they incur in serious faults and in that case they are without protection of Ifá.

2. Where is the Idè de Orula taken and why?

We must carry the Idè in the left part of our hand because it is this part of the body where Emí (the soul) is found, which is the heart.

Idè takes care of our soul (Emí), that is, we are fine if the heart is fine.

There is also no Odun (Ifá sign) that indicates that the Idè must be carried in the hand, in Nigeria, for example, it is worn on the ankles, on the waist, or on both wrists, to name a few forms of use.

3. What do the colors of the Idè beads represent?

  • Green beads they mean the greenery in nature, the green leaves of the trees, that is, life.
  • The yellow or orange They represent the fallen leaves of the trees, that is, death.

4. How many threads are needed to make an Idè?

Everything is a process of transformation, life changes and everything regenerates.

I say this because the Idè has always been carried by even the Babalawos (I say it for my godfather) in a simple and simple way.

Before, only one thread was used and it was doubled if that person got the Odun Meyi (double sign).

I make this comment because at present they are made with many and very large threads, but in reality this does not transform or corrupt the nature of Ifá.

And not because the Idè is bigger than another does it have more rank, nor does an Odun of Ifá indicate it.

  • In Okana Sode It is said that the Idè is to prevent us from death and to help us in romantic relationships.

5. Is the necklace (Ileke) also an Idè?

Yes, it is also conceptualized as Idè.

When Agbade Awo is said, it means «the great Idè of the Awo».

  • By translation: «Agba» means big and the preposition “de” comes from Idè.

Iboru Orunmila, Iboya Orunmila, Ibosheshe Orunmila!

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