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What does the word of Ifá say in the year 2022 for the religious of the world?

Ifá year 2022

2021 was a year that marked Cuba and the world in many aspects, during the past twelve months humanity lived through harsh trials where there was no alternative but to be resilient.

The Yoruba people knew how to overcome a difficult year in which there was no lack of advice from the Orishas and Eggunes, recommendations that were taken in order to overcome the obstacles that arose along the way.

In 2022 it opens its doors and with its arrival it leaves a message that should not go unnoticed, because this new year the ruling premise will be:

Do not waste time on the land granted.

Obatalá the Orisha owner of intelligence He will be in charge of leading the religious people on the path of salvation and good.

This deity will rely on:

  • Oshanlá, a wise and just saint and
  • Oshún, the owner of happiness and honey.

Together these Orishas will work to return to the world the health, peace, wisdom and love that it has lacked for a long time, because diseases and various ills spread through the earth bringing pain, death and disorder to the world. humanity.

This will be a year for:

  • Learn from our mistakes
  • forgive,
  • modify behaviors and
  • offer more respect and affection to those around us.

Ifá Councils for the year 2022

During 2022 it is necessary that:

  • The religious stay out of conflict,
  • learn to be humble and
  • respect and accept the advice of their elders.

This new year is a time to reflect, not despair and remain calm, because, although sometimes misfortune takes time and bad times will not last forever.

Being grateful is the premise for this new year

Be grateful, that is the doctrine that the Orishas wish to see on our part, since the religious must be aware that despite all the bad, he continues with life and that is the greatest gift that human beings can receive.

Color and rituals that rule this year

White is the color of this 2022, a tone to purify and put aside bad energy.

The bathrooms with cascarilla and white flowers are the choice to ward off misfortune.

The works at the foot of Obatalá with fruits will be a priority and the continued support of man over the spirits is a tradition that cannot be lost.

Here we share the letter of the year 2022:

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