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3 Truths about Ifá Ofun Meyi: Make good decisions and you will succeed

Ifá Ofun Meyi

The success of the religious ruled by Ofun Meyi you will find yourself ruled by your own head.

The person in this letter will be prosperous if he learns to make better decisions.

Impulsiveness is a fact that must be improved by the man as soon as possible so that later he does not have to regret his actions.

You cannot drag the past on your shoulders, leave it in place and live in the present, as this new time in your life will bring you new and better opportunities.

1. Wisdom is the most refined beauty of the person

Wisdom, humility and intelligence are three virtues that will forever exalt people.

Ofun Meyi is an Ifá who must prepare for the futureIt is necessary that he take advantage of his youth to study a career so that in his future he has an open door where he can take shelter and thanks to his sacrifice he is able to honestly support his family.

  • The religious governed by this letter is in the duty of studying religion.

Learn to listen to the advice that older people offer you, as they include all your accumulated experiences.

Do not take failures as the end of the world, learn to see in them an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

2. In front of a woman never forget your mother

Education and values ​​must accompanyañar the man to his grave.

Never disrespect a woman, think before this that you were born of a woman and therefore you owe her respect.

If by chance of fate you are no longer happy in your relationship, leave your partner, but do not be unfaithful, it is better that they end up being friends before the other person feels disappointed in having shared their time with you.

Never raise your hand to attack a woman as you will receive a great punishment from the Orishas.

In this odun, if you want to be respected, you must first respect yourself.

3. The soap on the head disappears, but it stays in the same place

Although the soap suds disappear with the water on the head, it remains in the same place.

In this odun the plans, desires and thoughts are changing, what will never change will be a decision made, nor an action carried out.

Therefore, a man should meditate before making a decision, so that in the future he does not regret what he did.

Stay focused and you will succeed in life.

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