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Ogbe Iroso is an Ifá where the Spiritual field is worked. Tips!

Ifa Ogbe Iroso

Ifá says that Ogbe Iroso came to earth to develop in the fields of the Osha and spiritism.

By this letter the individual possesses a gift of clairvoyance through which he will save the world.

  • Flowers cannot be absent at home because the dead like them and their Ashe is in them.
  • You must learn the spiritual prayers so that through them you can pay homage to your deceased ancestors.

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Ruled by this sign, truth and lies are born

It is in this odun where the truth must always be told because lies are discovered in a short time.

Using intelligence the religious will achieve all his goals, the person is recommended to prepare in life and study because through this sacrifice great results will be obtained.

In new lands there is development

This odun predicts migrations to other lands where luck and luck will be found.

Because of this sign, you are prone to suffer a strong impression, so it is recommended not to spend the night or visit only intricate places where your life may be in danger.

Ifá recommends that you reinforce the guardians of your house, so that no curse finds a place in it.

In this odun man is blessed

Ogbe Iroso was born blessed by Olofin who rewarded him with the virtue of being invincible in all the battles he undertakes, his rivals will always see him as a strong person and a tough enemy to beat.

Always be respectful to the Orishas so you don't lose your luck.

Envy is the main osogbo of Ogbe Iroso

Envy is one of the curses that will haunt you your entire life.

The spirits haunt you frequently, you are a dead man and gatherer par excellence, for this reason you must make small ebboses to get rid of the osogbos.

Surround yourself with people who contribute things to your life and not take away from you, eliminate the parasites that are housed in your home, because Orunmila does not want anyone to live from his sacrifice.

Ogbe Iroso brand organization of the spiritual cadre

Ifá advises Ogbe Iroso to attend to his spiritual picture because the dead are the foundations of the Yoruba religion.

Set up the spiritual table, change the water glasses and put white flowers on it frequently.

Represent your Eggunes and clean the house with fresh herbs, including basil.

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