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Ifá advises you in Ogunda Irete to take the positive from your failures

Ifá Ogunda Irete

Ifá advises you in the Ogunda Irete sign to take the positive from your failures, grow with these teachings and move on in life.

Do not look at the past to remember it with sadness, but to see in the evolution that you were looking for in your life and that you needed so much.

Lean on your mother to clarify your doubts and if she is deceased, ask for light and spiritual progress for your soul, because from the astral plane she will be guiding you and giving you strength.

The religious governed by this Ifá must learn to control his temper

Jealousy is not a good adviser for Ogunda Irete.

In this Ifá you must learn to control your temper, because out of jealousy you can commit something crazy.

Be selective when choosing the person you have as a partner so that you do not suffer later disappointments or have to live in continuous distrust.

Orula says that you must learn to live honestly

Orula says, learn to live honestly, you should not take anything that does not belong to you and you should stay away from illegalities to avoid conflicts with justice.

  • Do not listen to gossip or get carried away by gossip.
  • Do not abuse salt and flour-based foods because in this odun high blood pressure is one of the diseases that directly affects the religious.

In Ogunda Irete the pact between Oggun and Oshosi was born

In the odun Ogunda Irete the pact was born between Oggun and Oshosi, saints who live together and work side by side.

Both are a stronghold within the sacred rule of the Osha Ifá, as they are part of the holy Warriors, being one of the first Yoruba fundamentals received.

This sign marks the ceremony of placing offerings to Oggun Ya Oshosi equally.

Disloyalty is paid with life in Ogunda Irete

Fidelity is inviolable in this sign, since disloyalty is paid with life in Ogunda Irete.

Ifá that marks prosperity and travel.

In this letter the Babalawos were not respected and therefore the orisha Orunmila he got upset with the men.

When this odun comes out on a mat, the first thing that is recommended to the respondent is:

  • Use respect as the master key of your life, because with this you can open as many doors as you want.

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