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Advice from Ojuani Irete: Ifá where you cannot be a slave to anyone

Ifá Ojuani Irete

Ojuani Irete is an Ifá odun in which through the celebrations the obstacles that exist are broken, you are a person who should always celebrate all your anniversaries and distribute food to your guests to the best of your ability because through this action you will evolve and the blessings you may deserve will come into your life.

In this sign Drums are played for the Orishas so that the message you want to convey reaches Olofin's foot and your projects flourish.

What does Ifá warn the religious in Ojuani Irete?

1. The religious must maintain a positive attitude in life

In this sign parties are held for the Orishas and once this is concluded, the fruits of the throne are distributed, except for the melon that must remain as an offering to the orisha mother Yemaya.

You must stay with a positive attitude before life because through this behavior you will have open roads, by concentrating only on projects that have not turned out as you expected, you will attract negative energies.

Focus on finding solutions to adversities, worry more about what you have and less about what you lack.

Remember that your attitude will reflect the desire that you have to obtain your purposes and if the eggunes and the Orishas observe you conformist and discouraged, they will not help you to progress quickly because they will understand that you are not really motivated.

2. In Ojuani Irete the counts and the marquises were always at war

respect your family so that there are no misunderstandings between you.

Ifá says that the Ojuani Irete sign counts and marquises were always at war, this letter marks conflicts between two people of good position, it could be reflected this problem in the family or work order.

You must respect to be respected and know how to mark the limits with good manners so that conflicts do not arise. 

3. Find a way to achieve your independence, you are a leader

You were born to be a leaderWhen you undertake a project in society, look for a way to achieve your independence when your economy allows it, because as the months go by you will have conflicts with your counterpart, who will begin to disagree with your initiatives.

You can't be anyone's slave, do not have debts or pledge your word on promises that you will not be able to keep.

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