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12 Tips from Ojuani Meyi: Strengthen Shango for your wars

Ifá Ojuani Meyi

Ojuani Meyi is an Ifá in which the human being spends work to obtain his purposes, but that sooner or later if he perseveres he manages to achieve them.

Odun where Shango has to be reinforced, because the religious will face many wars of position out of envy.

You sometimes feel dazed because you want to do more homework than you can, learn to plan and you will see how little by little you can reach your goals.

1. Ojuani Meyi should not go on a trip without consulting her spirits and Orishas

In this letter the woman is faithful, very jealous, she is a person devoted and dedicated to marriage who goes out of her way for her family, which is why deserves consideration and respect.

Ojuani Meyi should consult with her spirits and her Orishas before traveling if she is a santero, as this will be the only way that can prevent you from adversity.

2. Get to know all the people, but don't befriend any of them

Beware of people who are easily influenced, because an enemy will place someone against you in order to harm you. Get to know all the people he surrounds himself with, but don't befriend any of them, getting your friendship is a privilege that not everyone deserves because Ojuani Meyi is a friend through thick and thin.

  • You must reinforce Elegguá giving him an iron heart so that he does not continue to suffer life's disappointments so hard.

3. You are a spiritualist by birth, you must develop this gift

Take care of falls, can ruin life if areas such as the cervical region and head are affected.

Ifá says that his saints should never lack water, because these will be the ones to provide you with health and intelligence.

Ojuani Meyi is a spiritualist by birth, develop this gift so that your spiritual picture is strengthened and your spirits continue to offer you the gift of clairvoyance. 

4. In this odun the cat made Ifá and was saved

In Ojuani Meyi is born why souls must forget their previous life when they reincarnate and return to earth. It was here where the cat did Ifá and was saved, his enemies affirm that you are like the cat, that he always lands on his feet and for this they envy him.

Oddúa is a stronghold Orisha in this sign, like Orula Orisha who saves man by offering him a path to follow. Doing ebbó you will always be saved of misfortunes and bears (bad luck).

5. En Ojuani Meyi was born the coronation and the cult of Saint Lazarus

In this Ifá was born the coronation of Saint Lazarus and the cult of Babalú Aye, by this odun:

  • The person is made a brush of Azojano and makes ebbó with ministers.
  • holy basil It cannot be missing in the vault of Ojuani Meyi, because the missionary who marches next to the person will work with this ewe (grass).
  • You must use to work the spiritual work, sack garment and from time to time go out in your attire for the world to see and you to do ebo. 

6. This is an odun of ingratitude, do as much as you can

For the person governed by this letter it is very difficult to see the fruits of your labor, this is an odun of ingratitude where the religious gives himself body and soul to help everyone around him and after the unfortunate improvement he does not remember who offered him a hand when he needed it most.

Do for others as far as you can, learn to love and value yourself knowing how to say no.

7. Ojuani Meyi is the Ifá of the salamander that changes color

Ojuani Meyi is the Ifá of the salamander that feeds on fire to change color, but having such cold blood puts out the flames. You must be as cunning as a salamander and know how to camouflage yourself to achieve your objectives, but you must learn to be more affectionate with loved ones because sometimes no one knows their feelings.

Es an odun of lies, because the salamander changes color creating the illusion of being different engañafending off his enemies.

8. This is a sign of masks, of falsehoods, of hypocrites

Odun that marks legal problems, which is why the person ruled by Ojuani Meyi must have all your documents in order, not get involved in illegal matters and avoid public conflicts, in this Ifá the man suffers embarrassment as a result of an illegality.

This is a sign of masks, of falsehoods, of hypocritical people who will approach you just for the benefit of what they will get.

Ojuani Meji possesses few true friends when the religious ruled by this sign lets someone into his life believing in his good intentions, he suffers the disappointment of falsehood, open your eyes and don't be trusting.

9. In the spiritual cord of the religious a missionary eggun manifests

In Ojuani Meji it is forbidden to eat guineo (banana), grains, millet and sesame, because in the person's spiritual cord a missionary eggun manifests that works with these attributes.

Through the action of this spirit, you must make yourself a sack garment, which you will use to work the spiritual work and in this way evolve making ebo.

In your service to Eggun (spirits) you cannot miss:

  • dry wine,
  • the bread and
  • the sugar.

10. Respect the depths of the sea and do not pry into them

the color of luck in Ojuani Meyi it is navy blue, since Yemayá and Olokun protect the person and come into their life to give them blessings. You must respect the depths of the sea and not go looking for secrets or curiosities in them, because in exchange for these actions you will give your life.

Yemayá will give him strong tests on his way and blessings for you to learn to believe in it, demanding only love and respect for this.

11. Ifá that talks about the transformation of the character of the human being

Ifá that talks about the transformation of character, Ifá says that you He is a person with a very strong temperament and that sometimes when he gets upset he blinds himself and does not see beyond what you feel and think and only believes that what you say is the right thing, because in his eyes you are always right.

This odun marks separation and disgust between godfather and godson Due to lack of communication, always maintain respect for your elders and instead of getting upset, seek dialogue and the reason for what happened.

12. The religious in this odun has a jealous Eggun that accompanies him.aña

In Ojuani Meyi, the three sorcerer spirits (egun) speak, egguns that must be attended by placing red flowers, red wine, cake and food in the eggun service, these are:

  1. Ologbumole he who travels the road,
  2. Ologbunmosa the one who flies and
  3. Ologbunarepa the one who kills.

The religious in this odun has an eggun that accompanies himaña throughout his life, being so jealous of the person that he only allows whoever he likes to stay by his side, to this spirit must be given knowledge of all actions that you are going to do so that he gives you his blessing and approval.

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