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What brand Ojuani Osa? You came to earth to battle

Ifá Ojuani Osa

Ifá says in Ojuani Osa that you are a person who is not always well received Where you arrive, don't go anywhere uninvited so you don't get hot flashes.

If your partner's family does not accept you, do not get confused, know how to keep your distance and respect so that misunderstandings do not arise.

In this sign the person harvest many enemies for not being a native of the land where you live, but over time these people will lower their guard because you will become essential to them.

Tips that the sign of Ifá Ojuani Osa gives us

You are a person who came to the earth plane to fight, sometimes you feel tired and would like to put everything aside, but you must remember your purpose and move on. Do not assume loads or responsibilities that do not correspond to you so that you do not get overwhelmed.

In this Ifá the orisha obatala He cursed men that their greatest downfall on earth would be to walk without a head.

1. Ifá that speaks of the prophecy of the coral fisherman

Ojuani Osa sets offering tribute to Yemayá on the seashore, for being the mother of the world, one of the protective Orishas in this odun.

In this Ifá speaks the prophecy of the coral fisherman, who became rich by trading these wonders, through this prophecy you must wear a coral garment so that prosperity comes into your life and you become rich in health, wisdom and peace.

2. You were born with the gift of healing the sick. don't curse

This sign relates the emergence of the marriage between the charcoal burner and the abandoned maiden, you in the path of life can find your happiness with the person you least imagine, never look for love for interest.

This is an Ifá of envy, where people have their eyes on on you, they talk behind your back and watch your every move.

So that you don't lose your luck He cannot forget Ifá and the great value that Orumila has in his life. You were born with the gift of healing the sick. Do not curse people so that you do not fall into disgrace, because Olofin will sentence him under his own words.

3. Cool your home and your head to avoid ills

To refresh the door of your ilé (house):

  • Put ice in it and prepare omiero (herbal preparation) of road opener, remove curse and basil, because in this place his enemies put curses on him so that you can not achieve what is proposed.
  • Keep your head cool and pray to yourself With coconut, fruit and milk interchangeably, if you have been obedient and are spiritually aligned with your guardian angel and your protective spirit, there will be no evil that can defeat you.

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