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Tips and curiosities about Ifá Ojuani Otrupon

Ifá Ojuani Otrupon

Ojuani Otrupon is the odun of Ifá where Elegguá and Shangó are the protective Orishas, ​​no test that you cannot overcome or any blessing that these saints do not believe you deserve will come into your life.

In Ojuani Otrupon the religious You must be alert and know how to take advantage of opportunities that appear on his way, for he says the orisha Elegguá that there will be no second chances for those who give away their luck.

Through Shango you will know prosperity, but for this you need to be smart and make good decisions.

6 Powerful Sign Warnings in the Yoruba Religion:

1. Under the roof of his ile, lawsuits should be avoided

In this Ifá peace arose in heaven and on earth and human beings put aside the insatiable thirst for discord.

In the ilé (house) of the religious, lawsuits, conflicts and discussions should be avoided, as these situations slow you down.

The religious governed by this letter must set up the spiritual vault in his house and attend to his eggunes through prayers and spiritual work in search of its evolution.

2. Ifá says that in this letter Orula left his land as a result of the war

Ojuani Otrupon is an odun of evolution, where the religious comes to have a prosperous life.

For the owner of this Ifá Oyá and the Jimaguas are a great bulwark, you should avoid:

  • eat ram,
  • drink dark drinks and
  • dress in black

In this letter Orumila left his land as a result of the war, you can't live in conflict because it won't work.

3. One of his missions on earth is to help his godchildren

The religious ruled by this odun was born to be a godfather, he must teach their godchildren because in the future they will help you and help you in the face of difficulties.

In this sign the person will be plagued by wars, you must prepare yourself so that you can defend yourself against adversity.

One of his missions on earth is to help their godchildren according to their possibilities so that they can do Ifá.

4. You have not received the consideration and recognition you deserve

In Ojuani Otrupon the person suffers from complexes due to the behavior of one of his relatives, he must get rid of this attitude so that he can be happy.

In this odun the religious has not received the consideration or recognition he deserves, on different occasions people around him have demanded the fulfillment of favors on his part as if they were an obligation without even being thankful.

5. Your banner should be humility, do not think you are better than anyone

  • You should beware of tragedies unexpectedly appear on your way.
  • don't curse to nobody.
  • Do not eat in other people's houses, because they can set a trap and conjure a curse through food.

Your banner should be humility, do not think you are better than anyone, because you lose yourself out of pride. 

6. For this odun the person travels to other lands

For this odun his life must stay out of the public eye.

Ifá says that you will have a house on one side and the sea on the other, in Ojuani Otrupon the person travels to other lands across the sea.

  • offer them mass by the church to their deceased.

For this odun you should not live in small houses nor frequent caves.

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