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In Otura Eyiogbe possessing Wisdom will bring you ire and blessings

Ifá Otura Eyiogbe

Otura Eyiogbe is the son of treason, many people will approach you in the course of your life wishing to obtain some benefit.

take care of your belly and try not to violate rest during the digestion process, do not eat heavy meals late at night, in Otura Eyiogbe the person's weakness is in the stomach.

Any business you are going to start legalize it so they can't cheat you, the firmness of the agreement will be in the contract.

What does Ifá warn us religious in Otura Eyiogbe?

1. Thursday is the holy day of Otura Eyiogbe

Ifá says that the job must be taken care of as this is the means that will provide food and evolution to the person.

In this odun when buy a new broom the furniture is swept first of the house and then the ground in order to get rid of the bad.

Thursday It is sacred in this sign, this day of the week try to work as little as possible.

In this sign, wisdom is the most refined beauty that the person possesses, study and prepare for life, because knowledge does not take up space and engenders respect.

2. Death is scared and leaves the living on earth

Odun of infidelities, of lack of commitment, where the religious can not trust anyone. In Otura Eyiogbe the reason why death is scared and leaves the living on earth is born, the disguise of Ikú (death) of bones and shadow arises, the same aspect that recreates the corpse when it decomposes.

  • The religious governed by this sign must have behind the door of his house hanging a branch of eclair and alligator.

You should take care of suffering sudden losses, both material and sentimental things.

3. Ifá of principles, of good reputation

In Otura Eyiogbe must live at the feet of Orumila, Shangó and Elegguá a bottle of brandy.

Ritual for the religious to have prosperity:

  • Are placed in the corners of the house sweets in syrup so that the ants come and with them evolution and good fortune.

Ifá says that in this letter the curujey cannot be missing in the spiritual vault, since through the mediation of this ewe (grass) the eggun (spirits) come down to earth.

In Otura Ejiogbe The more legal a person is, the further they will go in life., this is an Ifá of principles, of good reputation, where the religious must maintain high his prestige, because through him he will find honor and recognition.

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