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Orula advises him in Oyekun Iroso to attend to his ancestors

Ifá Oyekun Iroso

The call to the ancestors is manifested in Oyekun Iroso, odun where spiritual masses are performed for the deceased relatives and cordon spirits so that they obtain greater strength and spiritual development.

You are a spiritualist by birth, Orumila recommends:

  • Sit down to develop your gift in the vault and
  • read prayers for good beings.

In your house you can not miss the representation of the Blessed placed high so that the good currents always accompany it. In Oyekun Iroso the religious works with the Seven African Powers.

What does Ifá Oyekun Iroso warn religious people?

1. Be careful, you can suffer facial injuries, lifelong scars

In this Ifá the person must be careful, because he can suffer facial injuries that will become scars for life.

In this odun the person not only has scars on the body, but also has them on the soul and only the eggunes and the Orishas know everything what you have suffered.

you are a reserved person and she does not like those around her to know about her suffering, so she keeps quiet about what afflicts her so as not to worry her family.

2. The devil came down to earth being discovered and defeated by the Jimaguas

Oyekun Iroso establishes that the devil came down to earth being discovered and defeated by the Jimaguas Ibeyis, Orishas that the religious governed by this odun must receive in the course of his life so that the jimaguas will defeat the wars and bring him stability and health.

When you can, you should do it at home a party to the jimaguas and to Elegguá to break the difficulties and overcome the obstacles that may arise in their destiny.

Ifá says that in this sign the devil was so afraid of the jimaguas that he hid and nobody knows where he is, for this reason you must stay very alert, because as the popular phrase says that the devil does not sleep and nobody knows what he is up to.

3. Oyekun Iroso establishes the war between 2 people who fight for the same thing

In this odun for prosperity they are offered to Orumila:

  • A rattle, a drum and a gong because the action of calling all beings to work is born.

The Oyekun Iroso sign establishes the war between two people who fight to achieve the same goal.

Says Ifá in Oyekun Iroso that:

The most intelligent will be the one who uses ideas to win and not force, because this battle will only be won with maña.

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