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Ifá Oyekun Meyi: Secrets and Taboos that the religious should know

Ifá in Oyekun Meyi

When the religious ruled by Oyekun Meyi he needs to do ebbó, he goes to a house in ruins and picks up a spirit, increasing his spiritual picture to overcome difficulties. This eggun will work at the foot of a dry tree.

What mark Ifá in Oyekun Meyi?

  • In this Ifá there are distances between the godchildren out of jealousy with the godfather.
  • You should become continuously ebbó so as not to miss out on good fortune.

The honey of the earth is an effective medicine for Oyekun Meyi

You he can't talk about his personal things with anyone, because your confidant will betray you and you will be on the lips of the world.

En Oyekun Meyi The honey of the earth is an effective medicine, as the prophecy relates that in this odun Orula made a pact with the bees.

To beat Orula's foot:

  • Orumila is offered a wooden cutlass-type machete to Orumila for the expiration of causes and difficulties.

If Oyekun Meyi uses her power for good, she will be a genius

Oyekun Meyi is a person who should always be well dressed and take care of his appearance, because this is an image odun, when the presence is lost everything goes bankrupt in the life.

You he cannot fully trust any woman, because in this odun the females break their oaths.

If his power is used for good in this sign, he will be a genius, but if you use it negatively it will dig the sentence of his own death.

The abuse of power towards the underdog is taboo in this letter

  • You you can't cheat to anyone so that they do not lose their prestige.
  • This Ifá speaks that his relatives have not been legal with you and for that reason he is distrustful.
  • control your impulses so that in a fit of rage I don't take someone's life and ruin their existence.
  • In Oyekun Meyi abuse of power is taboo for the underdogs. Respect your parents and your elders and you will go far in life.

Love your mother above all things

It is forbidden in Oyekun Meyi raise your hand to a woman. Remember that you must love her mother above all things and people and be grateful to her.

As long as you commit illegalities, the weight of justice will persecute him. Don't break the law so you don't lose your freedom.

On the path of life you should receive Oshosi the Orisha Hunter so that luck, health, but also enemies and envy hunt you down.

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