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3 Rituals to win in Ifá Oyekun Ogunda I will go for you!

Ifá Oyekun Ogunda

Avoid eating excess salt because in Ifá Oyekun Ogunda arterial hypertension arises.

In this sign out of greed the person is lost. It was in Oyekun Ogunda where Orumila gave command to Oshún to throw the Diloggún, the religious governed by this sign offers to the orisha oshun a Golden axe. You will defeat your enemies even with the same sorceries that they do to you.

What does the power of Ifá warn us in Oyekun Ogunda?

1. You must attend to your Eggunes

To help you offer them:

  • custard sweet,
  • brandy and coffee,
  • honey,
  • flowers,
  • tobacco and cigars,
  • sugar water,
  • clear water and bread
  • and take the service to a hollow tree on the mountain.

Never leave the safe for the unsafe, because in this letter by wanting to cover more than what is due, the person ends up being left with nothing.

2. Works at the foot of Elegguá and Oshún in Oyekun Ogunda

In Oyekun Ogunda, the religious should not stop fulfilling his obligations to fulfill anyone's, because in the long run, ingratitude will be the currency with which his good deeds will be paid.

For prosperity, the following are offered to Oshun:

  • 2 chickens that will later be taken to the river raw or cooked according to your desire, there a prayer will be made to the holy owner of honey from bees.

Ritual with Eleggua:

  • When the religious needs to open his ways, 3 gio gio (chicks) are given to the back of a mirror at the foot of Elegguá who lives from then on in Elegguá's casserole.

3. work with caña brava for health and prosperity

In this sign it is taboo to eat spicy food and drink dry wine.

To improve health, the religious:

  • It must go to the foot of a c plantaña brava, you must take a tip of the plant and place it in the epigastrium (upper region of the abdomen) and later release it asking Olofin, Orumila and Oshún for the improvement of your health.

the Caña Brava will bring you evolution at the foot of Orula

  • The religious governed by the odun Oyekun Ogunda must put in front of his ikofa or Orumila's hand a piece of Caña Well done.

In the field you will find your happiness, go to the field whenever you need it and you will always return home with luck.

Learn to conform so you don't lose everything you own to greed. Be content and you will succeed.

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