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Curiosities about the odun Oyekun Ojuani Ifá warns you!

Ifá Oyekun Ojuani

In the Ifá Oyekun Ojuani In order for you to get the seat and rest you need, you must receive the orisha diviner Orumila in their life.

  • Beware of being assaulted or assaulted where you may be hit with a blunt object, as your health may progressively deteriorate as a result.
  • You cannot maintain sentimental relationships with engaged or married people because your osogbo will be in this action.
  • Respect justice and do not get involved in illegalities or meet with people of doubtful identity so that you do not have a big scare due to a misunderstanding.

3 Warnings for the religious in the sign Oyekun Ojuani

  • People should not take a seat at the door of your house, so that the arayés that surround them do not stay at the entrance of your ilé (house) and bring you delay.
  • Do not interfere in public fights or intercede between marriages so that you do not suffer an embarrassment.
  • Treat your family with love, because it has defects or virtues, in the vicissitudes it will be by your side.

1. Before embarking on a dream, first assess its consequences

Says the word of Orula that before you undertake a dream you must first assess what you will gain and lose by materializing it, because on many occasions there are desires that are better left in the imagination so that they do not end up destroying the person.

In the odun of Ifá Oyekun Ojuani, ambition is a bad adviser for the religious.

2. In the union of your family you will have great luck

Do not abandon your children on the side of the road, you must become their support and confidant, so that in the future they do not claim you blaming you for their misfortune.

In Oyekun Ojuani, the union of the family gives the religious great luck, that is why you must know how to choose well the person with whom you will share your life so that this is a support for you and not another concern.

3. Consider and respect everyone around you regardless of their age

In this sign, when the person performs a ritual or does charity without faith, he does not see the result of his actions because the Orishas do not favor him with their blessing.

  • Consider and respect each person around you regardless of their age, in this action will be your will.
  • Be respectful to your elders and never raise your hand to any woman. 
  • In this odun the abuse of power is severely punished.

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