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Ifá in Oyekun Okana: Infidelity is neither discussed nor forgiven

Ifá Oyekun Okana

In this Ifá is offered to the Orisha Oshún:

  • A maraca adorned with snails that will live at the foot of your tureen.

With this instrument you will summon Oshun's attention when you need it.

Always ask this Orisha with humility and never want to have more than you deserve so that Yalorde's wrath does not fall on you, because Oshún is and will be her protector forever.

You must not fight battles that do not correspond to you

When this sign appears on the mat during a consultation, the religious must not expose himself publicly during seven days.

  • This should avoid going to places where many people come together,
  • should not wander the streets late at night and
  • You should stay away from quarrels and arguments.

You must not fight battles that do not belong to you, nor can you carry the entire world on your back.

Respect your elders and learn to listen

Lesions in the lower limbs such as ulcers and varicose veins are born in this Ifá, therefore, the person must take care of circulatory disorders.

Respect your elders and learn to listen to their advice so that in the future you will enjoy wisdom.

The betrayal in this odun is a shadow that persecutes the person, this will be an evil that relentlessly whips the religious.

In this Ifa, the ungrateful pay dearly for their sins. 

In this sign infidelities are neither discussed nor forgiven

In the Ifá Oyekun Okana the marriage breaks as a result of a betrayal.

So that the religious does not lose his prestige in this odun, infidelity is not discussed or forgiven.

This is an Ifá where the person is strict and acts in an uncompromising manner, otherwise his enemies would have finished with him.

Everyone thinks that you are made of iron and that you don't need anyone, but they are wrong because in times of difficulty we all need a friend to reach out to us.

You must have emotional and financial independence

Oyekun Okana is an Ifá where you cannot live imprisoned or tied up, because where the person feels uncomfortable they will not be happy. 

You must have emotional and financial independence, never live added, because over time your presence will make you uncomfortable. 

For your life to stay constantly evolving, you must:

  • make ebbo,
  • learn to keep your secrets and
  • Don't constantly have negative thoughts. 

meet some powerful ebbo and rituals in this blue link.

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