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In Oyekun Osa, if you go by the first impression, you end up disappointed

Ifá Oyekun Osa

Oyekun Osa is a letter of Ifa in which the person was born to develop within the spiritual field.

If you think you hear voices and see shadows, this is not a product of your imagination, they are the egguns (spirits) wanting to communicate with you, to transmit their teachings and guide you along the path of good.

  • Hold a Mass of Spiritual Inquiry for you so that a trained seer can describe the accompanying eggunesañan. 

Orumila advises: be selective when choosing your partner

The fortune teller Orumila warns you to be selective when choosing your partner, because you can let yourself be guided by first impressions and end up being disappointed in your choice.

Advice for the religious in love:

  • Put your suitor to the test and see if this is really the person you want by your side.
  • Don't let them wrap you up with fantasies, look for facts, tests and sacrifice and only then will you have your true love.

If your house is clean and collected no disturbance will torment you

As long as your house is clean and collected, no disturbance will be able to torment you:

  • Your house is the temple of Obatalá, paint it white so that the blessing of the Orisha always reaches you and the peace that you have requested so much comes to you.

The Orisha Obatala He wants to give you a gift, but first he will test your faith, to find out if you are worthy of such a privilege.

Do not get wet with rainwater so that the disease does not reach you

Keep in mind not to get wet with rainwater so that the disease does not knock on your door, respect gray hair and you will comb them too.

Some Ifá advice in Oyekun Osa for the religious:

  • Always dress as clearly as possible, so that it purifies the astral and remains linked to Obatala.
  • You may not wear soiled or stained clothing.
  • Don't curse anyone lest your own negative desires lash out at you.

Ifá says that you have lived under the influence of a spirit devoid of light

You cannot take things lightly or risk your life because you could die early due to your recklessness.

Go to the doctor and check your health, especially your blood pressure and heart.

Says Ifá in Oyekun Osa that:

You have lived under the influence of a spirit devoid of light and for this reason you have not been able to achieve everything you have set out to obtain, go to the foot of Orula so that the great Ifá diviner marks a work for you to put an end to this situation.

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