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Ifá Oyekun Oshe: Where Yemayá threw the opele to ward off bears

Ifá Oyekun Oshe

Yemayá the mother of the world she threw the opele in Oyekun Oshe and began to consult the world to save it from misfortune, misfortune and osogbos (bad luck), becoming the only woman capable of doing so, Yemayá being also a fortune teller and witch by nature.

What marks the religious the odun of Ifá Oyekun Oshe?

In this sign within the marriage there are conflicts caused by previous relationships, for this reason it is the couple's duty to leave the past in its place if they really want their union to last.

Olofin sent Orula to the land of the dead and made him king.

In this Ifá it is taboo to curse oneself because sooner or later these ominous words will fall on you.

The woman governed under the sign Oyekun Oshe falls in love with an oba or an Ifá priest.

In this letter, Olofin sent Orumila to earth of the dead so that he would have rest on the same ground as the deceased kings of the Yoruba pantheon, becoming the Oracle of Ifá.

In the house of Oyekun Oshe you have to ask the spirits for permission

the religious en Oyekun Oshe before performing any religious ceremony:

  • It is necessary to give knowledge to the spirits and
  • once a year offer a sacrifice to the spirits of the elder ancestors.

In this sign you have to make ebo to pregnant women so that they achieve the product of conception without complications or problems.

If a pregnant woman does not do ebo, she may experience difficulties during childbirth.

In this letter, Yemaya, the holy owner of water, is venerated. from sea

You have not been well accepted in your spouse's family, always be careful, do not have an accident with an iron article.  

Here is worshiped Yemaya the Yoruba orisha owner of salt water and Olokun must be received so that health, stability and development come to the life of the person.

4 Warnings: Don't wish for death, Iku will come looking for you

  1. In Oyekun Oshe the religious You should not attend wakes or visit the sick so that the roles are not reversed and your luck and health change.
  2. never wish for death do not express that you are bored with life because Ikú (death) will come looking for you.
  3. In this odun the person cannot lend sewing items, especially needles, so that disorders and troubles come into your life.
  4. You You should not lend clothing or money because they will not return it to you and you will end up losing what you have.

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