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What are the main Igbos in the Yoruba religion?

Santeria Igbos

The Yoruba Oracle of Diloggún is one of the main divinatory methods of the Yoruba religion. For its use it includes marine snails, Aye, called in this way by individual and Diloggún, to the set of sixteen pieces that make up a hand.

Paths to find wellness

The elements of the oracle, always consulted by Babalawos priests, communicate with the Orishas and eggunes and the way they fall marks numbers that come to represent the Oddunes (letter), each one related to a saying and a patakí that show what must be done to achieve the mission and the destination with the support of the Orishas.

They are read up to the number 12 and their answers will not only determine an event, but will also indicate the solutions and paths that the person must take.

I accompanied the Diloggun snailsañan the other complements made up of igbos, sacred elements that are manipulated to obtain the answers of the deities and indicate if the consultant is going to receive well-being (Ire), or, on the contrary, will be affected by an evil (osogbo).

Igbos, paths indicated by the Orishas

igbo means grip, path or alternative and they are very varied. There are dissimilar classes of igbos, but the most common are concentrated in 4 categories, although depending on the practices they also exist in the cuban santeria other optional igbos.


  • Yoruba name: efún

La cascarilla is the quintessential element of obbatala, symbol of purity, peace and well-being. It is used to mark larishe or remedy for any osogbo.

It is an important element to get the iré and to speak with Obbatalá. As a counterpart, the otá or the aye are used, which always give a negative answer.


  • Yoruba name: Otá

The stone represents immortality, long life, and strength, as it is not easily destroyed. It is used in conjunction with cascarilla To mark I will go and answer in the negative. It is also used for the other osogbos.


  • Yoruba name: Ayé

The Ayé responds to matters of marriage and health. It is used to ask everything related to diseases and marriages.

Also through it communicates Oshun since it was to her that the great fortune teller orula gave him the snail. Your answer is positive.

Goat bone

  • Yoruba name: orunkún / egungun

It establishes a spiritual communication and symbolizes death, since it represents what remains of our body after death.

It is used to ask Ikú (Yoruba death) or any question that refers to the eggunes (spirits).

Guacalote seed

  • Yoruba name: sesan / osan.

It symbolizes children, but also illness, when osogbo comes.

Doll head

  • Yoruba name: ori agbona

It is used to ask about the person's head.

Piece of crockery

  • Yoruba name: apadi

It symbolizes expiration, marriage and loss.

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