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Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Cuba

Guadalupe Church in Cuba

In the Havana town of Peñalver, in Guanabacoa, a small Cuban church is hidden where the virgin known as Mother of the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe, is venerated.

And it is that, in Cuba, as in the rest of the American territories, the virgin is also venerated, which is syncretized in the Yoruba religion and in the national identity with Oshun Ololodi, Yoruba deity defender of his own and warrior by nature.

The parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Peñalver, it was built in 1782, although the first procession in honor of the Virgin took place on December 12, 1813.

It is said that the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe arrived in Cuba in the hands of emigrants from the Yucatan Peninsula, who wanted to profess their faith in our country and from that moment the cult was expanded.

The unknown woman Guadalupe Church in Cuba

Today, many Cubans recognize the patron saint of America and dedicate their prayers to her.

On the island, patron saint festivals are even celebrated to pay homage to him in various locations, but this capital church dedicated to the Virgin is little known.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is considered Patroness of Mexico City since 1737 and that is the place in the Americas where her figure is most venerated, recognized as Queen of Mexico and Empress of America.

But in the Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Cuba, the patron saint of the continent is also worshiped.

Every December 12 a great mass is celebrated in his honor, to which many devotees come to profess their faith and their gratitude.

And it is that Cubans, with their mixture of cultures and beliefs, have also made room to worship the figure of a virgin warrior and protector.

Celebrations in the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Apparently, the cult of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Cuba has grown thanks to the curiosity aroused by the procession that carries out the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe every December 12 in his honor.

Thus, people of various religions have come to Peñalver to witness the celebrations and the mass for the Holy Patron of America. And so they pay their respects and ask for his help to get ahead.

Mass at the Guadalupe Church, is offered by parish priests and deacons from towns near Guanabacoa.

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