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Ika Fun: The Ifa sign that governs the year 2021 ≫ Tips and warnings

Ika Fun Letter of the Year 2021

Ika Fun It is the sign that rules in this 2021 according to the Yoruba Pantheon and the Letter of the year published by the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba, this odun has as a saying:

Who laughs last laughs better.

Phrase that narrates the importance of having patience, as this virtue will be the most important and powerful combat weapon for this new year.

It also indicates to religious that sometimes what we do not like to do will be the best for us, a Yoruba proverb that requires compliance to pass the tests that Olofin decides to send us.

What phenomena does Ifá warn about through Ika Fun?

This sign speaks of changes, pilgrimage and migrations, events that will happen with sacrifice.

An increase in crimes and illegalities is expected, with the lack of commitment to comply with the agreed agreements prevailing among some of these acts of dishonor.

Said odun warns about the danger in the execution of bad medical practices in the obstetric sector, putting the life of the pregnant woman and her offspring at risk, especially the suffering of complications in women with a multiple pregnancy is predicted.

Religious councils that are manifested through this odun.

Through Ika Fun the biological and religious family are asked the importance of instill values ​​in their descendants and study and work habits in order to guide children towards a responsible and blessed future.

It is strictly adultery forbidden because this action can ruin life.

It is essential this year maintain correct personal hygiene habits and collectively, avoid the accumulation of garbage in the home and in the vicinity of the house in order to avoid the emergence of diseases and the growth of pests.

Recommended pay off all religious debts that there are especially those related to Olokun, the head prayers with two white doves is a work agreed to obtain stability, intelligence and development.

The secrets of Ika Fun:

  • In Ika Fun the woman to succeed must stay with her hair down for seven days.
  • It is recommended to place a representation of a monkey inside the house to drive away Ikú (death).
  • In this letter the mirror becomes vitally important as it is a magical element and the only one capable of showing the hidden truth before the conscience of human beings.
  • Through this sign the religious is warned about the presence of curses.
  • This letter warns about betrayal and gossip.
  • Ika Fun recommends the development of the spiritual field.

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