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Regent sign of 2021 «Ika ​​Fun» and its 16 Ifa Commandments

Ika fun commandments of Ifá

The fundamental element of the Divinatory System of the Osha-Ifá Rule are the Oddun de Ifá, which is in charge of bringing the message of Oshas and Orishas to earth.

This year the Oddun ruler is Ika Fun and as witnesses Oddi Leke and Irete Ogbe. According to the Letter of the year published by the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba, the ruling Orisha is the mysterious one Olokun and who accompanied himaña is Goddess Oshún.

In Ika Fun the precepts are born, the norms of the Osha-Ifá Rules, norms that must be fulfilled by all religious. In this Oddun society, social nature and the individual emerge.

Pataki of the 16 Elders:

Ika fun Pataki

The 16 Elder Kings traveled the land of Ilé Ifé and asked Ifá:

Will we live as long a life as Oloddumare says?

Ifá answers yes, as long as they comply with the 16 codes.

The codes that are born in Ika Fun are these:

1. Don't say what you don't know

If you don't know, shut up, but better still, study and make an effort to learn because that is why you chose this path.

2. Do not do ceremonies that you are not aware of.

Do not launch into ceremonies that you have no idea, it is better to take a while longer to learn than to be inventing and disrespecting Orunmila and your ancestors.

3. Do not lead people down a false path.

You have no power to lead those who trust you down a wrong path, be consistent with the destiny that was entrusted to you.

4. Never engañara people.

If you hate being engañado, neither do the others want to be, in the end you yourself engañayes Respect religion.

5. Don't pretend to be wise when you are not.

If you do not study, if you do not listen to the advice of your elders, if you do not observe, you will never become wise, because every day you learn something new, so you must be humble, nobody was born being great.

6. Be humble and don't be self-centered.

Above all, humility, because we all need each other and if Orunmila is humble, how can you not be?

Being egocentric is hiding in insecurities and thinking only of yourself, if you chose this path rectify or withdraw, do not hurt with your vanity.

7. Do not be false or malicious.

Falsehood leads nowhere, rest assured that Orunmila knows what you are doing, masks and falsehood fall with him in this life.

8. Do not break prohibitions and taboos.

Why break the rules? Remember that Oloddumare, Orunmila and the Orishas punish.

9. Keep all your sacred instruments clean.

The instruments are consecrated and it is the divinatory means to consult Orunmila, to them we owe respect.

10. Keep your Ilé (house-temple) clean.

Cleaning is essential to keep your astral clean, be orderly and neat.

11. You must respect the weakest, treat well and with respect always.

The most positive form of relationship is to give and receive good treatment, especially that of weak people, we should not go through life trampling on the rights of anyone.

12. You must respect and treat the elderly well.

The elderly, the elderly are respected, we must always be honored with a friendly and loving treatment.

13. You must respect the moral laws.

Mutual respect is an ethical principle that enables understanding among all in society.

14. Never betray a friend.

Do not disappoint the one who gives you his hand, be loyal and honest with your friends. Always be sincere and not hypocritical.

15. Do not reveal secrets.

In religion no secrets are revealed, people place total trust in you, do not let them down. Orunmila has never revealed yours.

16. Respect other awos.

Respect your abures, your religious brothers, we are to help selflessly, without lies, deceit, or betrayal.

The command of Ifá is not disobeyed:

After Ifá mentioning the 16 Major Kings the 16 commandments, they returned to earth and when they arrived they did the opposite of what Ifá dictated.

Then they began to fall dead one by one, they began to scream and call Orunmila a murderer.

Orunmila defended himself and told them:

The elderly die because they have not obeyed the resolutions of Ifá.


All the religious of the Osha-Ifá Rule must follow the commandments of Ifá because «you can't guess in the wrong direction». We must behave as true religious, with humility and faith, always working from love to reach our destiny.

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